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Scotland’s Chief Minister Alex Salmond Meeting With Eastar Sales Representative

Source: Eastar      Published: 2013/11/18

At 15:30 P.M. local time in Glasgow on 11th October, Scotland’s Chief Minister Alex Salmond gave an interview to Eastar sales representative Jacky who is in charge of coordinating the installation of large LED display projects in Scotland.

With fast economic development of Scotland in recent years, the advertising industry is also developed rapidly as a result of which there are more and more large outdoor advertising LED displays in Scotland. Meanwhile, the Scottish government attaches great importance to the safety of large LED displays installed on the high-rise buildings. Normally the conventional screens for outdoor advertising weight about 100kg/sqm including steel structure which brings serious potential security risk to the surrounding environment. What’s more, the power consumption of air conditioner increases considerable pressure to the energy supply system. After the consultation of the Scottish government and parliament, they encourage the advertisers to look for light and energy-efficient outdoor LED advertising display.

When Eastar Future Series was firstly introduced to local advertisers, they were amazed to find that the weight of the screen is only one fifth of the conventional screens which significantly reduces the load bearing of the building where the LED displays are mounted. Furthermore, the screen can save the electricity cost by 50% thanks to its power-saving and no air conditioner design. After the local adverting enterprises demonstrated the advantage and features of Future Series, the government spoke highly of this outdoor advertising screen and expressed their interest to recommend Esdlumen brand to the Scottish market.

In the conversation, Alex Salmond said, “The commercial trade between China and Scottish increased year by year, which directly promotes common development of the two countries. Meanwhile, I sincerely hope your company’s business will run smoothly in Scotland and even the whole Britain.” Besides, Alex highly appreciated for Eastar’s contribution to the development of industry of LED display and told us that he would strongly recommend Future Series which exactly meets the requirements of the market in Scotland.