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A Chinese movie star backing up for Thai film at Cannes Film Festival

Source: Eastar      Published: 2015/05/04

The 68th Cannes International Film Festival, which is closed on May 24 with high concern from the global fans, found in in 1939 and became the most influential, one of the top international film festivals, and called as the three major European International, together with the Venice International Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival. The top award is "golden palm".

In the current Cannes Film Festival, Chinese film Legion lineup is ever stronger, Bingbing Fan, Bingbing Lee, Ying Yang(Angelababy), Yuchun Lee, Boran Jing, Xinyu Zhang, and Zishan Yang nearly 15 Chinese stars attend the site in person, Bingbing Fan, Tao Zhao, Ying Yang, Xinyu Zhang, and Qiaoqiao Jin so on . the Chinese actress red carpet show are very glamorous, and even long dominated the Chinese media entertainment pages as a network hotspot, continued bombing the audience's attention during the Canes Fim Festival.

In Cannes film festival scene, however, there is a star from China, but no domestic mass media, also did not attract everyone's attention. During 12 days cannes film festival, the star only to stay at the cannes film festival in Thailand, contributing to Thai movie shown at the cannes film festival in silence. The Star from China should back up Thailand film?

Indeed it was! But the "star" who is not a popular film and television higher-ups, but is a star LED Display - Mini series from China's leading enterprise of shenzhen Eastar Electronic Company, which is the sole LED display supplier in Thailand pavilion in the cannes film festival. In Thailand Gym,the mini series P3.75 of 12 square meters large screen, succeeded greatly for the Thai Movie show in the High-Definition display, smooth picture,  perfect color performance and so on.

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