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Assisting the 2017 Tencent Global Partner Conference, Esdlumen is playing the great chess

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/11/14

On November 8th, the 2017 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference opened in the west of Chengdu Expro Center with “Open-Creation” as its theme. P3.91 of indoor Wing series LED display of Esdlumen assisted the conference held successfully, becoming the one of the highlights of this conference.

It is known that the conference gathered a number of blockbuster guests from fields of Culture, science and technology, venture capital investment etc. exclude invited to international biggies like the director of Western World, screenwriter Jonathan Nolan, robot expert Hod Lipson etc.

During two days of conference, with 21 sub forum starting gradually, QQ, WeChat, ApplicationTreasure, Tencent Cloud, QQ Music, LBS and other dozens of product lines are announced the latest open policy and ecological strategy, and discussed with the industry elite.

Additionally, in the 15,000 m2display area, There was over 130 projects from Tencent business line and its cooperative partner joined the exhibition. Especially in display area of AI and Creation Park, showed the grand development of global science-technology and culture industry.

(A visual feast of LED screen)

The highlight of this conference is not only above, but also the LED display of Esdlumen.The whole Area was surrounded by the LED Display Screen, ambilight, sparkled and full of science-technology, and accompanied by the theme of “Open-Creation” of 2017 Tencent Global Partner Conference, creating a incomparable and technological visual feast of LED Display.

(Indoor Wing Series P3.91 of Esdlumen)

560m2 LED Display of ESDLUMEN indoor Wings Series P3.91 were used, to make the conference colorful and magnificent, This product adopt ultra-thin and ultra-light design, only 6.4kg/pc and 6.7cm thick, with fashionable and simple appearance while rich inherence, Module use wireless connection, safe and stable. Exposed signal port, to reduce the harmful effect of transferring. The product use magnetic structure to reduce the dismantling and installing time, convenient and efficient. The cabinet can do curve, dislocated splicing to achieve more creative shapes. The fast locks are adopted to realize the single person operation and very quick installation.

Esdlumen has been with the high quality, professional display effect, and fast installation speed to win the favor of the project contractor. As a national high-tech enterprise,Esdlumen, like TENCENT, has continued to develop rapidly over years, while she has never forgot the original aspiration, always been adhering to the principle of customer satisfaction as the first standard, always been putting the customer's needs at the top, adhering to the principle of technology innovation, and built long-term and stable relationships of cooperation with many professional customers at home and abroad. Let the products of ESDLUMEN to spread all over the world.