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Current Affairs | New LED display products show the strength of Eastar

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/03/20

With rapid development of LED display rental market for nearly ten years, a large number of professional leasing companies and lots of excellent enterprises have emerged. As the best seller of stage rental products, Eastar offered plenty of solutions for kinds of large event celebrations, making great contributions to the display of the world’s beauty.

As a professional LED display manufacturer, Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co.Ltd put product upgrading and technical innovation in the first place, successfully getting rid of other competitors. Setting up research and development innovative team and developing new product, Eastar spares no effort to creating light, thin, fast Wing series born for rental. On 16, Wing was announced the official version in Eastar exhibition hall.

(Living conference)

(All seats were occupied)

Wing series LED display products are completely beyond the traditional rental products, only weighing 6.4KG (500*500 die casting aluminum cabinet)per box , and only 6.7cm thin.

Surprisingly fast, installing a fast lock just with less than 1.5 seconds! Yes, it's less than 1.5 seconds! These are made for the rental market in order to assemble modules easily. Saving time is saving money!

(right and left (up and down) fast lock testing, the fastest record is 0.48 seconds)

People's eyes are sharp! Before Wing series were showed at press conference of products, a large number of orders have been made by leasing companies who want to take the first batch of light wing products and to be the first put them into use to seize market opportunities!

“Actions speak louder than words,” which is the corporate philosophy of Eastar, as always. Eastar will stick to technological innovation and devote itself to creating more value for customers in the future!