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Debut on 2017 Australia Infocomm show ,Esdlumn is accelerating its expansion to overseas small-pitch market

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/09/01

2017 Australia's Infocomm exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Center, Australia, from August 29 to August 31. AustraliaInternational professional Audio-Visual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition (Integrate Expo) is the Australia’s leading professional Audio-Visual information communications exhibition, which is co-hosted by internationally renowned audio-visual professional organization InfoComm International and family intelligent design and The Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association.

(Picturesque scenery of Melbourne, Australia)

The city,Melbourne where this exhibition is held is located in the southeastern Australia, which is the capital city of Victoria known as the "Garden State". Melbourne is famous as the "Australian cultural capital", attracting travelers around the world, both in terms of its glorious human history and tempting entertainment.

(Esdlumen’s booth panorama)

(Esdlumen’sales elites isexplaining productdetails to clients)

Esdlumen appears in this exhibition in Melbourne, Australia,with special preparation of two hot overseas fist products,which are respectively a small-pitch Dazzle Plus P2.84 and small-pitch BIM Plus 2.6 full-colored LED display.Small-pitch Dazzle P2.84 LED Display  is used as main screen——delicate and beautiful picture,snap-type fixed design, totally different from the traditional way of fixed screws,  bringing great convenience to maintenance. Esdlumen Dazzle Plus series products are exported to overseas,gaininggreat reputation and recognitionin the market by its stable quality and comprehensive strength.

(Main screen’s display effects is highly praised by customers on the booth)

Another small-pitch fist product BIM Plus 2.6 LED Display  is also the main push products of Esdlumen, which are very thin, can be installed and maintained from front,or even completelywall-mounted.Little space is needed for maintenance,for everything can be done from front,saving 90% space than that of conventional screen;Besides,dislocated splicing ,rightangles,and hoisting can be realized to achieve different creative modelings;It also has Module automatic correction function. These superior performances are undoubtedlythe best choice for indoor LED display.

(On the spot,Technician display product sample cabinets)

(Customers show keen interest in the products on display)

Customers from a number of countries around the world show keen interest in the products on display.Esdlumen’s product are affirmed and praised by many customers in terms of its unique advantages;at the same time, its professional sales elites and technical team also are eye-catching, attracting many customers stop and admire!

(Group photo)

As a world's leading provider of LED applications and solutions,Esdlumen has accumulated lots of experiences in many events and engineering solutions in small pitch markets. With the development of small pitch technology, the small pitch LED display in the future’s market will have a very wide application areas.

In the"small-pitch" trend, Esdlumen staff insist technical and technological innovation,as always, with excellent quality, standardized and comprehensive  service, speeding up the global market layout of small pitch, a small market to become a banner to lead the development of LED industry.