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How Esdlumen Wing 3 makes a better Super boy?

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/09/11

Hunan TV gold medal talent show - "Super boy" new season starts with great enthusiasm. 2017, for Super boy, is truly a memorable year, because it is its 10th anniversary. A talent show, welcomed by a huge amount of fansthrough ups and downs for a decade, is definitely not an easy thing. Similarly, a LED screen brand, can survive and even stand out in a highly competitive market, which is also proved to be a credible quality. Esdlumen lives up to all the expectations, shining on the stage of Super boyin its 10thanniversary with its star product--- Wing 3.9 led  screen to show fans a perfect performance of super boys!

Many net friendshave said that this is the best season of Super boysthey ever have seen. After ten years' hard study noticed by none, ones fame fills the land once honours are won.

“Super boys"become more and more popular after years of ups and downs.It’s true for Esdlumen, after ten eventful years, in the field of LED display, Esdlumen become a leading and professional manufacturer in China who own self-developed capacity and flawless net as well as after service system. The whole system of independent research and development ensures a coordinate and perfect operation.

Esdlumen contributed more than 600 square meters to this high-profile music show, not only adding great beauty and charm to the stage, but also proving its strength and reputation.

(Wing 3.9 led display visual effects is very shocking, making the whole stage sparkling)

Esdlumen Wing has been widely popular since it was put into market. This product has excellent performance and a lot of advantages. Ultra-thin design, thin as feather, box only weighs 6.4KG, 6.7cm thick; simple and fashionableappearance,wireless connected modules, safe and stable; humanized magnetic structure design, convenient and quick, single-person operation, amazing speed of disassembly and assembly. Specially-shaped cabinets installation can be achieved to meet a variety of creative styles indifferent areas.

(Back of cabinet, easy to maintenance)

Wing series have been successfully applied in many areas. For instances, in this year's CIFTIS, Nie Zhenning new book conference, Xiamen Airlines Yao Fund signing ceremony.

(Esdlumen led screen shines on CIFTIS)

(Esdlumen led screen in Xiamen Airlines Yao Fund signing ceremony)

(Esdlumen Wing in Nie Zhenning "reading power" new book sharing meeting)

As a professional LED display supplier, Esdlumen have been tested through years but wasstill popular in market. It is hopefully that Esdluemn will be appeared on the more areas in the future !