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  • Rental LED Display

    Indoor Wing Plus-Rental LED Display

    Esdlumen Wing Plus is a updated led panel from wing series, which is the king product in rental events business, hundreds of projects have been finished in 2018 by our Wing Plus, from musical festival to wedding ceremony, from new products luanch to car show, Wing Plus has been tested in corners of the Planet, BTW it has sold more than $15 million in 2018.

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  • BIM Pro, led screen, indoor led screen, indoor small pixel pitch led screen

    BIM Pro-Indoor small pixel pitch LED Screen

    BIM Pro is a small pixel pitch led screen, which is specially designed for indoor fixed led display. Compared with other similar product, the BIM Pro is more light and slim. With the golden display ratio of 16:9, BIM Pro can provide you a better visual enjoyment. What's more, this product can also realize seamless splicing.

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  • indoor led display, rental led display

    Pilot Series - Indoor Rental LED Display

    Pilot Series - Indoor rental LED display

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  • led display, led screen

    Blade Series-High-end Outdoor Rental LED Display

    1. Total black LED with 5000 nits brightness 2. Module front & rear maintenance, power supply one-click maintenance 3. Single operator fast installation 4. Unique shape splicing 5. Patent structure, higher protection

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  • led display, led screen

    CW Series - Light as Cicada's Swing

    1. Light as cicada's wing, 6kg per cabinet (includes angle lock) 2. Extreme display effect 3. Module front and rear maintenance. Power box support quick installation 4. Single operator fast installation. Innovative handles save effort 5. Shaped splicing, can be spliced into curved surface / straight screen / circle screen 6. Integrated HUB card, data signal interference free, more stable

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  • led display, led screen

    BIM Mini - Flexible Curved Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

    BIM Mini - Flexible Curved Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

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  • indoor fixed led display

    BIM Max - Indoor Fixed LED Display

    1. Golden ratio 16:9; 2. Ultra-thin and ultra-light, efficient for maintenance and installation; 3. Fully wall-mounted; 4. Front maintenance; 5. Automatically imports data when it is replaced

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  • outdoor fixed led display

    HELIOS - Outdoor Fixed LED Display

    1. 16:9 Cabinet; 2. High brightness & high refresh rate; 3. Ultra-light & Ultra -thin; 4. Front & rear maintenance; 5. IP65 rating of protection; 6. Energy saving.

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Company Profile Established in 2007, with over 12 years of experience in the led display industry, Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd (Esdlumen) is one of the largest manufactures of led displays and led screens in China and is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the led display market. Esdlumen is also the subsidiary of LianTronics. Esdlumen directly controls the entire production-distribution value chain, divided into the following phases: research and technological innovation, production design and development, planning, purchasing, production, quality control, marketing, and communications...

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  • OA P8 for Complex, China

    Project Type: Outdoor Product Series: OA P8 Project Address: China Project Date: 2020.02 Project Area: 120 ㎡

    OA P8 for Complex, China
  • VE P1.5 for Church, USA

    Project Type: Indoor Product Series: VE P1.5 Project Address: USA Project Date: 2020.03

    VE P1.5 for Church, USA
  • BIM Plus P1.9 for Mall, Singapore

    Project Type: Indoor Product Series: BIM Plus P1.9 Project Address: Singapore Project Date: 2020.02

    BIM Plus P1.9 for Mall, Singapore
  • Wing Plus P3.91 for Wedding Event, Chennai (SKY LED)

    Thanks the SKY LED power system in Chennai for provding us these photos Project Type: Indoor Product Series: Wing Plus P3.91 Project Address: Chennai Project Date: 2019.10 Project Area: 120 ㎡

    Wing Plus P3.91 for Wedding Event, Chennai (SKY LED)

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