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The Voice of Esdlumen, the supplier of The Voice of Dutch held “the voice”

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/05/21

Missed the voice of China held by Zhejiang TV?  Missed the music shows from other TVs? Don’t worry! “The voice” comes again! Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd holds “the Voice of Esdlumen”, which runs on May 16th.

    The highly anticipated “the Voice of Esdlumen” was officially launched in Eastar Technology Park on May 16th. The mass-election was held grand in the 16th afternoon, the players came from Eastar and other companies in the Technology Park were contended for the quota of the preliminary contest, “the Voice of Esdlumen”.  25 players were promoted successfully after the 4 hours dramatic and wonderful match. They will enter into the rivalry of the coming preliminary event.

    It is understood that the fashionable “the voice of China” held by Zhejiang TV was introduced by a popular music show in Dutch. The most popular music talent show in Dutch was created by “Father of the Voice”, Jone De Mol, which was fashionable through the worldwide after it comes out. It brings a big success to the USA, UK, Germany, France, Korea and China etc who have acquired the copyright of “The voice of Dutch”.

   During “the Voice of Dutch”, many audiences were moved by the players as well as impressed by the dazzling stage background. But few of them knew that the LED display was come from Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd, China! The LED display became another “lead” in the world’s most popular welcomed Music show as well as the most utmost event! This “lead” is with the advantages of high definition, high refresh rate, high contrast, high speed response and no tail, no saw tooth in rapidly, not only could meet the stage performance and photo taking requirements, but also could allow the audience enjoy the excellent performance by the players through the LED display and brought a high-impact visual feast for all the audience.

   Now, Eastar hold their own “the Voice” and build the stage. It is so exciting how wonderful performance the players will be given to us! This content including mass-election, preliminary, intermediary, semifinals and finals and it will last about 2 months. It is worthy to say, this content is organized by the center of Human Resources department and staff take part in spontaneous, which does not occupied any resources or funds of company. Despite the stage of mass-election is very simple, however the leaders were moved by the employees’ youthful and team cohesion! During the match, some leaders announced our company will give full support of the event and will provide LED stage display as well as better amplifier equipments in order to make the versatile players can have a better show!

   Additionally, Eastar official Facebook and twitter(named Eastar LED) will also tracking and reporting the event “the Voice of Esdlumen”, all results of the events will be posted on the official Weibo and Weixin. Your attention, please!