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Palm Expo 2014-China, Eastar will issue "the strongest voice"!

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/05/23

Following Serigrafia SIGN 2014 perfect ending, Eastar struck again, exhibitors, held on May 26-29 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) of the "23th China International professional audio, lighting, musical instruments and technology Exhibition "(hereinafter referred to as the" Palm Expo 2014 China").

   Palm Expo 2014 China by China Entertainment Technology Association, China Technology Market Management and Promotion Center, jointly organized the exhibition since its inception in 1989, has been successfully held 22 sessions, the industry has developed into the world's most famous and most influential one of the exhibition.

   At present, China's cultural industry with an annual growth rate of 20%, the construction of cultural facilities in the country has reached a climax, entertainment equipment unprecedented strong market demand, China has become the world's largest consumer of performing arts equipment. Beijing as China's political and cultural center, play a benchmark role, which is equivalent to the sum of entertainment equipment market demand in several provinces, municipalities, and arts facilities across the country and even overseas markets with strong radiation, exhibiting the Pacific held in Beijing the largest professional exhibition, will be beneficial Eastar LED further cultivating the domestic market, the rapid development of China's cultural industry to share brought historic opportunity

   The exhibition, Eastar will show MINI P3.75, SHINE P6.944 and other bright color stage LED display products. It is understood Eastar mini, two bright color LED display series, LED solutions designed for the stage design, with high-definition, high refresh rate, high contrast, high response speed, no tail down rapidly, the non-serrated now like other performance advantages, give the audience a great power of the stage visuals. These two series of stage LED display products with a superior stage presence, has become one of the world stage rental LED display in the mainstream.

   Eastar LED stage display pursuit to bring high-impact visual experience for the audience, and has received high praise at home and abroad markets. Swept from north to south, "China good sound," the birthplace of the "Dutch good sound" music variety show, the stage is the choice of Eastar stage LED display. "Good voice" organizers for best stage effects on a global scale screening, ultimately Eastar LED stage display, "turn", so that "good sound" hand Eastar, let Eastar LED stage rental display followed the "good voice" of the stage, to make their "strongest voice"!

   On the upcoming Palm Expo 2014-China, easy stage rental LED display of the products will be demonstrated by means of the exchange platform once again demonstrated its impressive style! Eastar warmly welcome our customers will stand up to the easy communication.