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(World Cup Focus)Eastar LED display showing the perfect screen playback

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/07/20

With the German team holding the World Cup trophy, the continuation of one month's passion tournament draw a conclusion. As one of Brazil's World Cup LED display supplier, Eastar LED display also successfully completed the task of showing during the World Cup, for the World Cup draw another conclusion.

As the world's biggest concern and most famous event, the World Cup events continued for a month, so many fans around the world are crazy about it. Although the Chinese football team missed this event, but Chinese companies, in the World Cup for the Chinese win the great honor, from the official ball, mascot, or flag, bus ...... appeared so many "made in china in the World Cup " related Chinese elements.

Most noticeably of all, is the World Cup LED display, from four different companies in China, one is the Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., Ltd.. In this World Cup, Eastar LED defeated many famous companies from all over the world, got the "admission ticket" of World Cup in Brazil, to become one of Brazil's World Cup LED display supplier.

In the World Cup, Eastar’s “Rock series” LED display was set up at the World Cup opening ceremony venue in Sao Paulo stadium, to make the passion of the World Cup passed to the whole world; And Eastar’s “Shine series” screen was set up outside of the race venues, bring exciting live events through smooth picture with high definition for the fans who is not available to visit the scene of race. So that the fans can feel the same passion as immersive even not enter the stadium as thespectators.

It is known that Eastar’s Rock series and Shine Series is developed specially for the outdoor rental screen market. these two series have a smooth high-definition screen, true and natural color, super thin and light, easy and convenient for dismantle and maintenance, ideal for rental applications. These two series of products showing the perfect playing effect during the World Cup, won high praise from organizers.

In the World Cup championship match, the German team Goetze wonderful lore stoppage time, let the world remember the name of "Goetze"! And another World Cup "hero" - one of the LED display supplier in World Cup --Eastar, also because of the wonderful screen performance during the World Cup, to let the world remember, the name of "Eastar"!