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Eastar LED-the most luminous star at the Milan World Expo 2015

Source: Eastar      Published: 2015/07/03

The 42th World Exposition (EXPO 2015) is being hosted by Milan, Italy, the opening took place on 1 May 2015 and the expo will close on 31 October 2015. "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is the theme of the Expo, this is the first time in history to choose food as the theme, there is food from different countries on display, in view of seeking the solution of the food needs for up to 9 billion people till the year 2050.

Expo 2015 is an international exhibition of great influence and long history, which is held by host country’s government or authorized departments. Exhibitors show their up-to-date achievements on culture, technology, industry fields that brought deep and positive influence on life. The characteristics of Expo are of long-period, large scale, widely participating and far-reaching influence.

The World Expo is a unique forum, which encourages people on creativity and active participation. The combination of scientific and sentimental elements will contribute for the emergence of new concepts, new ideas, new technology in the development of human. Therefore, the World Expo is known as the "Olympic" event of the world economy, science, technology and culture.

Eastar LED display also attends the high-profile event in representation of China, becoming the shining star at this Milan Expo. Let’s have a glimpse of Eastar LED screen at the Milan World Expo together.

At the entrance of the Expo, all the screen is Eastar LED screen Dazzle series P5.95.

In the public place, Dazzle P5.95 again, there are 35 screens applied in total.Netherland Pavilion, all the Argentina Pavilion, there are Mini P3.75 again from Eastar.

Each World Exposition is highly valued by the host country and the participating countries, the host country has exquisite requirements on the site construction; each participating countries also attaches great importance on the preparation of attending the show, as the pavilions are directly related to the country's image to the world, therefore it is usually the national government that in charge of the affairs of the exposition, having high demands of the pavilion construction.

Under such high requirements, Eastar LED screen not only gains recognition of the World Expo host country Italy, but also becomes the main LED screen supplier; and Eastar is the only supplier for Netherlands and Argentina on LED screen, Eastar becomes the most luminous star on the Expo.