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Eastar Launching Own Control System

Source: Eastar      Published: 2013/08/27

Eastar is about to launch its own control system with independent research and development, including EV118-1, EV118-2 receiving cards and EV118 sending card, which shows that Eastar has successfully made a solid step forward on the way to become a most respected provider of LED screen solution.

Control system is one of the core technologies in the LED screen industry. The launch of Eastar’s own control system reflects the strong research and innovation ability. As a national hi-tech enterprise, Eastar has already gained more than 50 patents on LED screen technology, covering many aspects of LED screen and lighting applications.

Currently the LED industry in China developed fast but still lacks of standards and core technology which put us in a less competitive position when compared with those international big LED enterprises that have gained the key technology during many years of research and development. Thus it is essential for us to break through this predicament and enhance our international competitiveness. We are convinced that the launch of our own control system is a step of great significance of our long-term development.