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Eastar Witnessed A New Record of Queen Of Pop Rihana

Source: Eastar      Published: 2013/11/15

After a comprehensive discussion of customer’s expectation and situation of the stage, Eastar’s technical experts finalized to use SM7.2A solution which could completely meet the requirements of the customer. Meanwhile, Smart Series could also meet many individualized requirements by its light weight and fast installation structure which brought great satisfaction to the customer.  

The Queen of Pop Rihanna held “Diomands” world tour concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since over 52,000 fans attended this concert, she became the first female artist with the largest number of audience in a concert in Israel. Along with the passionate audience, Eastar Smart Series also witnessed this new record made by Rihanna.

The concert had a high expectation of the LED screen to be installed on the stage in order to meet the demand of shocking stage images and clear photographing. In another word, the screen had to be featured with a higher definition and resolution, better contrast and faster response speed all of which together set extremely high requirements for the design of the LED screen solution.