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Esdlumen release a indoor fixed front-maintenance LED display

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/03/03

19th, Feb.2014, Esdlumen LED display new products conference was held in showroom. The R & D department release a indoor fixed front-maintenance LED display. The new designed display is mainly used for the window o f the shopping mall, boutiques and other special places with the need of front-maintenance. It solves the problem of installation with limited space and maintenance without back space.

The products have three specifications, includes P3.91 P5.208 P6.25. using magnetic components and LED display cabinet adsorbed and fixed. So that the front-maintenance module from the LED display cabinet could be taken down easily. Compared with the traditional cabinets, the front-maintenance cabinets could be repaired easily, reduce the damage of the modules and keep the integrity of the module structure.