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The most attractive award ceremony in Chinese LED display industry

Source: Eastar      Published: 2016/04/26

Shenzhen Eastar Electronic Co., LTD (Esdlumen), a professional LED display service provider, was established in 2007 and more than 10 years experience now. Products of Eastar have been sold to more than 130 countries, more and more classical case all over the world. In Year 2015, Eastar ranks the leading 3rd among the manufacturer of LED display screen.

(Eastar industry park—private production base)

(Amazing stage rental project in Brazil, set Guinness World Records)

Eastar , not only famous for its LED display design, but also for its distinctive corporate culture, which has been one of the important factor of its success. Now let’s show some more detail about the most attractive award ceremony.

(Award ceremony once a month)

In Eastar, every month and every quarter, will hold an amazing award ceremony, to reward the excellent performance sales staff. Types of awards as below: 1: award for the top sales, the second winner and the third winner 2: award for the excellent marketing team 3: award for the young pioneer sales 4: award for who develop new market 5: award for who good at promoting the specified design. Of course, different awards get different bonuses.

(The winner are accepting the prize)

(Prize presentation by company manager)

A gone, always appears in each award ceremony, but do you know it is for what kind of usage??? Gone, as one of the Chinese traditional percussion instruments, in Chinese culture, it is a symbol of strive, courage and victory. "keeping progress every day, never give up unless success" , this enterprise spirit has always inspired every member of the family. Everyone who wins the prize can knock the gone. Based on the order amount, each RMB500,000 for once, that means if order amount be RMB1500,000 , then the winner can knock three times of the gone.

During the ceremony, all the winners will continue to knocking the gone one by one. The sound of gone rises, all over the meeting room, and inspire every attendant member. Compared with other instruments, perhaps its sound seems monotonous, but for us, it is the most pleasant music! Because it expresses us the joy of success, inspire us keeping go ahead. Whenever the sound rises, it makes us full of passion and power!

If careful enough, you will find that every winner gets a certificate of merit. Yes, except the corresponding bonus, the winner will also get a unique certificate of merit. As a honorary certificate, even get much higher value than the bonus, because it not only show the hard working of winner, worth the permanent collection, but also in the future, these awards will help the winner easy to apply new work opportunity , better impression for new company with the special honorary.

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