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Eastar new product released: Dazzle serials, dazzle you

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/11/28

Recently, a new product presentation was held in Shenzhen headquarters of Eastar, to release the latest developed 500mm (W) × 1000mm (H) sized Dazzle serials LED display cabinet.

Dazzle is a full color LED display serials designed for stage rental, exhibition rental and fixed installation applications, with the features of ultra-thinness, ultra -lightweight, fast assembly, gap-alignment needless and excellent color coherence.

Dazzle series led display use die-casting aluminium material for cabinets, which can effectively reduce the weight of the cabinet. A 500mm (W) × 1000mm (H) sized cabinet weighs only 13.5Kg with the thickness of 75mm. As for mounting job, the tolerance of the surface evenness is less than 0.2mm, and there is no need for gap alignment because of the locking pin design. As for levels of protection, Dazzle serials can be used for both indoor and outdoor, the outdoor protection level is IP65 for one day 24 hours working.

Especially considered the features of rental market, Dazzle series full color led display is very fast and convenient at mounting, 1st Push 2nd Turn 3rd Lock, 3 steps done only takes 10 seconds. A removable locating pin is designed for cabinet fixation, which, after the screen mounting job finished, can be removed, so that a single cabinet can be dismounted from the screen for maintenance.

Significantly, the angle between two Dazzle cabinets can be adjusted. To do this, there is a special-designed structure on the edge of the cabinet. The whole screen can be mounted to different curve, inner arc or outer arc. The minimum degree of two cabinets in a outer arc is 30°, the maximum degree of two cabinets in a inter arc is 20°.

We believe that the launch of the Dazzles serious can provide customers with more choices and solutions.