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Eastar LED Display Shinning in the 16th China Hi-tech Fair

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/11/21

November 16, China International Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. High-Tech Fair is professional exhibition and trade show of high-tech achievements that organized and approved by the State Council, It is China's largest and most influential tech show, set trading results, products, high-level forum, project investment, cooperation and exchange in one, Because of its "national, international, high-level, large-scale, stressing practical, professional, not ended" characteristics become an important window for China's opening up high-tech fields, known as "China's first exhibition of science and technology."

As a national high-tech enterprise, Eastar LED Video Display products also shine in this event. AS Shenzhen Longhua District well-known high-tech enterprises, Top50 enterprises pay taxes of Longhua District, Eastar was invited to participate in Longhua District government delegation to the High-tech fair and grand debut. on the fair booth Longhua District. Eastar addition to the poster of the Eastar outdoor advertising display "Future" series to focus on publicity, but also exhibited Eastar another field dedicated to stage rental LED display "mini-series "the samples and modules.

Additionally, Eastar also demanded by CAS, provided technical support and a LED display, assume CAS fair booth display, playback tasks. Participation audience not only impressed by CAS robots and other high-tech products, but also praised Eastar LED screen perfect playback. The screen in CAS booth was showed Eastar mini-series LED displays.

Eastar mini-series is the main push in recent years, a new generation of indoor LED video display, designed for indoor LED rental application development, the refresh rate of up to 4800HZ, 2 times higher than similar products; point spacing can be as low as P1.9, let the screen sufficiently delicate, more brilliant colors, especially for higher rental occasion display performance requirements. Mini-series ultra-thin, energy-saving power supply design, energy efficient, high efficiency heat; intelligent control technology, to avoid color, so that the screen effect is always consistent.

Mini-series is also used along with 3D display, users can bring a different stunning experience, just use Eastar LED 3D display control program that allows ordinary 2D screen one second into a 3D screen. Eastar 3D display control program uses the most suitable LED display shutter 3D technology, active imaging mode, support 1080P HD resolution display, can be original 3D video source, without going through a 3D player and 3D computer, simply by ordinary graphics to Eastar EV127 HD transmitter output common 60 video signals from HD transmitter for internal processing, the output 3D video signals through Eastar special 3D glasses, you can see realistic, perfect 3D display effect.

In addition, belong Eastar "mini-series" Family, as well as a mini single group correction [PRO] series, single group correction technology for Eastar industry first, the box can be achieved in any exchange, any exchange module, receiving card any exchange, bringing a new concept of LED display technology.