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Eastar led screen light up passionate FIFA World cup in Sao Paulo

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/06/26

FIFA World cup tournament is continuing. In Sao Paulo- host city of the 2014 World Cup, every minute is a banquet after 4 years waiting. Brazil, football kingdom, which is famous for its carnival and samba, is now showing a football banquet for the global fans.

In this world’s top events, all footballs fans are gathered in Sao Paulo. Whether in the inside or outside of the world cup stadium, fans had already started the quadrennial carnival. Enthusiastic fans from all over the world gathered in Sao Paulo. Not all the fans have chance to watch the match in person, but nothing can stop them from cheering on the outside, walls of the stadium won’t reduce their passion for the match.

Outside Etta Gellar Stadium, a large led screen is broadcasting the event synchronously with natural and smooth showing effect. Thousands of fans staring at the screen, cheering and screaming for the stimulating match. In front of the LED display screen, there is a group of media reporters from around the world, capturing the joy of crazy fans and the screen that brings millions of funs. They pass the passion to the full world through the lens.

Few people know that this large led screen is from China Eastar. Composed by Eastar outdoor rental Shine series, this led screen holds an important position in broadcasting the World cup to the fans, and now, it’s doing an excellent job.

Eastar outdoor shine series LED video display is a new product especially for rental market, Shine series has: 1. Ultra-thin design, only 58.4mm and 9.5kg per cabinet; 2.Uniform flat-fell seam, gap between cabinets within 0.2mm; 3. Angle adjusting lock, can make the screen incurve and outcurve; 4. Fast lock on the cabinet, can dismantle one cabinet from the whole screen with just pushing the lock, easy for maintenance and installation; 5. Alternative culter design, with aluminum material, good for heat dissipation; with all these features, Shine series is very suitable for rental.

Eastar LED video display is widely used for various sport games and stage events. Except for the 2014 World cup in Sao Paulo, it is also used for FIFA in South Africa, and spending marvelous time with football fans from all over the world in Johannesburg.