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Esdlumen and Colorlight are working together to step into the real HD 4K • P2 age!

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/08/09

In July,2017, in order to thank the customers for long-time friendly cooperation and support, Shen Zhen Eastar Electronics Co., Ltd. and Colorlight company jointly held a return banquet in Beijing . Together with the customers, Esdlumen and Colorlight are working  together to step into the real HD 4K ? P2 age!

( Wing series P2 .9 LED display are adopted by Esdlumen )

(In spite of hot Summer, customers are still enthusiastic about experiencing the new technology)

(Guests excitingly experienced 4K technology, sharing the shock feeling together.)

Wing series P2.9 full-colored LED display, is ultra-thin and ultra-light,simple and fashionappearance, complete inner structure; modules with wireless connection, security and stability; exposedsignal interface for reducing bad contact caused bytransferring; convenient and quick magnetic structure for reducing the dismantling time; cabinets can be assembled irregularly to realize more creative models; thin as feather, weight only 6.4KG and thickness only 6.7cm; fast lock, single-person operation, amazingspeed.

Esdlumen Wing series LED display is widely used in stages, exhibitions, shopping centers, studios, theaters ,etc.

Esdlumen Wing series LED display application case:

(Esdlumen Wing  LED display is adopted on China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services)

(Beijing Book Fair Nie Zhenning "power of reading " new book sharing)

(Tsinghua University Meng Minwei concert hall professional stage)

With the development of LED display industry, technological innovation  play an important role in the arrival of the era of 4K .4K era definitely is an important opportunity forChinese LED manufacturer, in which success will be seized by those who lead the market with innovation to create a new better performance!