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Eastar New LED Display Screen Launch And Award Ceremony

Source: Eastar      Published: 2016/08/09

A new product launch and award ceremony of July was held on August 8th. There are 3 series led display will be launched in the event. Meanwhile, some of salesman who had a good sales performance on last month were be presented to some awards .

In event Eastar had launched ST Series, BOM Series and OFM Series. People from marketing department introduced the new products to the participants. The engineers who R&D the new products were be invited to answer the questions about the new products.

ST Series is for indoor wall-mounted installation. The super thin and light cabinet can be almost installed on any type of wall. It is easy to install, only 3 steps to fix the cabinets on the wall. The module fixed by magnet, frame with location pillar, just using the magnetic tool to grip the module to remove it. Faster and more convenient to install and maintain.

The BOM series LED display is front maintenance for outdoor fixed installation. no need maintenance path, wall-mounted installation. The receiving card and power supply can be removed from the front of cabinet. Dual-power supply for the module can reduce 25% power consumption.It does not need air-conditioner and fan to make heat dissipation. It is with high gray scale which can improve color rendition.

OFM series LED display is the first type small pixel pitch cabinet for outdoor front maintenance. It does not need maintenance path and apply to wall-mounted installation. The receiving card and power box can be removed from the front of cabinet. It is super light and concise, reducing the requirements of load-bearing of the wall and steel structure. It can also meet the new requirements of pro-environment.

There is a game about ask-answer of products details in the event. The game aroused the enthusiasm and tested how well the participants master the new products details.

The award ceremony of July was be held after the new product launch. There are 3 awards for “monthly promotion-placing-order prize”, “monthly best sales team prize” and “ monthly top 3 salesman prize” etc.The awarders walked on the the carpet which is the symbol of honor.  They also shared experience and happiness with other participants.

The sales champion is Sammi who belong to European sales team. She got almost 10 million RMB sales performance on last month. During the negotiation with the clients, she got the help from her sales leader and her colleagues. They kept encourage her to strive the order.

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Eastar is a big family, each member’s success is the will of whole family. Eastar is a big stage, you will do a good performance as long as you can work hard and never give up. The new product launch and award ceremony had successfully ended. But our sale’s excellent story is still going on……