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LED Industry “TOP TEN” Review Meeting,Eastar Received Good Reputation

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/11/13

The LED Display “TOP TEN” Review Meeting of the Year 2014 has been holding ceremoniously in Shenzhen. Esdlumen participated this meeting to accept firm evaluation.

As a key step of LED Display Industry “TOP TEN” Review Activity, several senior experts in LED display application, such as, Wang Dianfu, Honorary President of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Association; Zhao Handing, Secretary General of China Video Industry Association Large Screen Projection Display Equipment Branch; Wang Huanzhang, Secretary General of China Advertising Association Outdoor Advertising Branch; and Zhao Haitian, Professor of Shenzhen University Urban Planning College, etc., were invited to be judges of this meeting.

All of the entries on this Experts Review Meeting are top fifteen enterprises in LED display Industry Top Ten Review Activity,. At the Top Ten Review Activity of this year, the following four awards, “LED Display Industry Man of the Year 2014”, “Top Ten LED Display Application Project of the Year 2014”, “Top Ten LED Stage Rental Display of the Year 2014” and “Outdoor Advertising and Site Application Display of the Year 2014” , as reported by Esdlumen entered the final fifteen with overwhelming votes, which was high-profile. However, because of the quantitative limitation of awards for each entry, Esdlumen chose “LED Display Industry Man of the Year of the Year 2014”, “Top Ten LED Stage Rental Display of the Year 2014” and “Outdoor Advertising and Site Application Display of the Year 2014” to run for the “Top Ten” of this year.

Lei Yu, Marketing Director of Esdlumen addressed a brand speech on this Top Ten Review Meeting, showed the brand benefits, brand potential value, brand awareness, brand product application results to on-site experts, especially showed the technology superiority and application cases of Esdlumen Future Series, Esdlumen Outdoor Small Pixel Pitch Series, and Esdlumen Mini Series. Meanwhile, Director Lei focused on the innovation technology of Esdlumen Control System, like “One- key Lighten Technology”, “3D Display Control Solution” and “Screen Control Without Computers Technology”, etc., which were appraised high by on-site experts.

It is reported that Esdlumen Future Series Outdoor Advertising LED Display are originated with “no air-conditioners, no fans and no steel”, which  can not only save energy but also play fabulously,  that is why the Future Series are well-liked by advertising carriers, especially by western countries who pay attention to environmental protection. Moreover, Esdlumen Outdoor Small Pixel Pitch Series have always been leading the LED industry on outdoor small pixel pitch technology, and Esdlumen Mini Series, applicable for stage and other rental sites, which own Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Solution as well with the technology superiority on “High Refresh Rate”, “ High Gray Scale”, “Gigh Utilization Ratio” and “Real Seamless Installation”. In addition, Esdlumen Control System with One-key Lighten Technology and 3D Display Control Solution ensure that the screen play smoothly and stably.

The two-day Experts Review Meeting will end on 12th, Nov., the final scores will be released on 14th, Nov. after calculating the votes, furthermore , the scores will be also published on Internet by converting into supporting votes uniformly. The top ten will be elected on 22nd, Nov., and the  scores from these experts will occupy 70% of the final result. According to the brand strength and product charm , Esdlumen will again to challenge industry “TOP TEN” powerfully.