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Run, 2015! Run, Eastar!

Source: Eastar      Published: 2015/01/26

On January 20th, 2015, the Eastar New Year Celebration Party, with the theme of “ Run, 2015”, and the Awards Ceremony for the best staff of 2014 were held in Happy City Hotel, Shenzhen. The whole staffs of Eastar, guests from all sectors of the society and Eastar’s brother enterprises enjoyed the happy new year party together. The celebration party will be an unforgettable one for every member of Eastar.

At  4 o’clock of the afternoon of January 20th, with the MV named “Making A Paradise” which was directed and played by Eastar staffs, the heavy curtain for the new year party was pulled down. Then a new year song” Bless You” which is filled with happy atmosphere was played on the stage, which also stood for an official beginning for the Eastar New Year Celebration Party.

At the very beginning of the celebration party, Mr. Duan Wujie, chairman and CEO of Eastar, made an opening speech. During the speech, surrounding the theme of “Change”, Mr. Duan explained the great importance of Eastar’s future development in the society where changes happen at every moment. He also indicated that we should embrace change with broad vision.  Afterwards, Mr. Liu Hujun, chairman of Lian Tronics, Eastar’s cooperation partner, Mr. Peng, the manager of Dahua Advertising and the customer representative, Mr. Gong, the supplier representative and manager of Shenzhen Kinglight Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liu Xinxin chairman of Labour Union of Eastar made speeches before the programs began.

Then dances, songs, language programs directed and played by Eastar staffs were played on the stage and got a lot of applauses from the audience, bringing a visual feast to everybody and embodying the versatility from Eastar staffs. In addidion, excellent employees and teams, excellent suppliers of Eastar, the best strategic cooperation partners were awarded in the party.

The incessant Sweepstakes also brought tides to the new year celebration party. From the sixth prize to the fifth prize, the fourth prize ……then to the special prize, all of them aroused incessant screams from the audience. All of the colleagues and guests toasted with each other and spent an unforgettable night together under the happy atmosphere. Such a wonderful feast will leave a great impression on everyone’s mind and will become a happy memory for everybody.

Looking back the past, it has been seven years since Eastar was established. Likewise, people from Eastar have gone through seven years. Seven years ago, Eastar was just a small factory in the Chaguang Industrial Park of Xili Town; Seven years later, Eastar has become a LED display brand which is quite popular both at home and abroad! During seven years, an ignorant boy has become a man with graceful bearing. Time is the best teacher for growth. Also during seven years, a group of people could touch their goals well.

In the past seven years, we have been running to proceed, worrying that we will be discarded by the market due to any stop. We will go on running and don’t permit any relaxing! All staffs from Eastar will carry on taking the leading role in the industry with the corporate philosophy that” learning as the root, creation as the soul, development as the shield, economizing as the base, service for victory”. Never give up until the goal is achieved!

Run, 2015! Run, Eastar!