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Supporting 3D:EASTAR MINI Series Shining In The UK PLASA Show

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/10/10

Oct5~8th,PLASA Show was held in London, UK, where the EASTAR MINI Series LED video display supporting 3D was on show. It shined in the whole exhibition.

PLASA SHOW is one of the most professional and influential European exhibitions in this series that is visited by a lot of international famous companies and professional visitors every year.30% among them are international professional ones. Each time it helps the enterprise expand the market and shows their new products together with the competitors.

At this time, EASTAR showed the main product—MINI series P3.75 led display, ROCK series and SMART series. On the show, the main LED screen of MINI series P3.75 shined and absorbed a lot of professional visitors with the fluent and clear display, perfect color performance and 3D supporting.

MINI series Video LED display is the indoor LED display of new generation that is one of the main products from EASTAR these years. It focuses on the indoor rental market with a lot of advanced technology. The refresh rate is 4800Hz that is 2 times higher than the other similar products that is most suitable for the occasions with high performance requirement. The slim energy-saving power with quiet fan saves the electric energy and cools efficiently. It also applies intelligence control that notes the accumulated time and working temperature accurately and prevents bad display of color difference led by different accumulated time.

In addition, it also supports 3D that brings the special experience. It is said that EASTAR 3D control system applies the shutter 3D technology that fits LED display most. Active image mode of 1080 HDMI display can play the original 3D video directly without 3D player or 3D computer. The general 60 frame video signal is sent by the normal graphic card. The HDMI video processor processes it and transfers to 3D video signal. Then the active and perfect 3D performance can be viewed by the provided 3D glasses.