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The 2018 Award-giving Ceremony of the First Quarter Ended in Perfect—Cheered for Elites of Esdlumen.

Source: 本站      Published: 2018/04/25

On 13th Apr., the award-giving ceremony of Esdlumen Marketing Center in the first quarter of 2018 was hold as expected at showroom on third floor. This is the sales -achievement summary and evaluation of Esdlumen of the first quarter of 2018. The showroom was full of Esdlumen people’s passion, and everyone was look forward to the beginning of this awards event.

This award-giving ceremony mainly aimed at Sales Champion Award, Sales Runner-up Award, Sales third place Award, the Best Marketing Group Award, Sales Orders Award from Market Propaganda, First Order Award of New sales, New Customer Award, Outstanding Design Team Award, Service Star Award and Regional Sales Volume Competition Award in the first quarter of 2018. These 8 awards have given full recognition and commendation to the efforts and achievements made by outstanding staff. It is such spirit of unremitting efforts that has become the endless power of Esdlumen growing stronger steadily. This is not only an encouragement to the sales elite, but also a spur to every attendant salesperson, inspiring them to strive for a better future!!!

There were still many colleagues who were absent in this ceremony due to the business trip or visit clients across vast oceans. Although they cannot arrive to the ceremony site, they have showed their cordial greetings and encouragement to our colleagues through video. The award ceremony has added a section of Team PK, every two teams have tried their best to gain the victory. Finally, it ended in a victory for the Americas Region and the EME group. Do not feel discouraged, the sales teams that failed, try to win next time!

The award-giving conference has inherited a previous section of lucky drawing, which totally selected 2 first prizes, reward juicer, 6 second prizes, reward large nut package, and 9 third prizes, reward blue-tooth audio. I was very happy to draw a blue-tooth audio. (Haha, actually I want a juicer.). Each sales elite on site was full of passion and ambition to shout out their goals and completed schedule. Everyone is ready to break through the target achievement in 2018. I hope they all can reach their target, cheers for all of you!

The award-giving ceremony approaching to its end in intermittent applause, Mr. Su, the deputy general manager of marketing center delivered a speech. He affirmed the remarkable achievements of every sales areas and expressed his gratitude and hope to the sales elites. The development of an enterprise cannot leave the positive and diligent sales elites who are in the same boat, all of you here are the pride and wealth of Esdlumen! Personnel are the core competitiveness of Esdlumen, sustained and strong team is the foundation of the future development of Esdlumen!

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.

---- Nietzsche

There is a spirit of continuous progress and surpass ourselves among Esdlumen people, which will be passed down continually and never fail to live up to the years. Producing LED screen, ESDLUMEN is the most serious one! Producing high end fine pixel pitches screen, ESDLUMEN is professional!