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Together with foreign Minister Wang Yi, Esdlumen LED displaysuccessfully stationed in Chinese Foreign Ministry!

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/05/05

【Abstract】on April 11, in the Lanting of Chinese ministry of foreign affairs, foreign minister WangYi spoke for Anhui and promoted the splendid scenery of Anhui.

Esdlumen Dazzle Plus P2.84 LED display contributed much to the statement by foreign minister WangYi. Smooth and clear picture quality made a wonderfulpicture-illustrated statement.

(Minister Wang Yi made statements)

(In Lanting of foreign ministry--- Esdlumen Dazzle Plus LED display installation and commissioning site)

(In Lanting of foreign ministry--- Esdlumen Dazzle Plus LED display installation and commissioning site)

On April 11th, there are beautiful scenery like sea of clouds and Grand Buddhain Mount Huangscenic areaafter rain. In the afternoon, the global promotional activity “Warmly welcome to Splendid AnHui” was held in the Ministry of foreign affairs.

Foreign minister Wang Yi highly praised that Mount Huangis themost beautifulmountain in China and among the world.

Minister Wang Yi said thatthere are Yangtze River and Huai river running across the Anhui Province from east towest, which is dotted with lakes,large and small. Among those lakes, Mount Huang is more famous with three crowns: theWorld Natural Heritage, the World Cultural Heritage, the World Geological Park. Mountains like HuangShan are rather rare in China, evenin the world.

Esdlumen Dazzle series LED screens were adopted in this conference,which feature high-definition, high contrast, low grey level and high brightness, as well as modules with calibrating data storage, and calibrating data can be directly importedwhen modules need replacing. With true reproduction ofcolorin nature,Dazzle series did help to makeminister Wang Yi ’s speech more powerful and attractive to show the world the beauty of Mount Huang, Anhui,.

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