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2017 Esdlumen second quarter awards ceremony rounded off perfectly!

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/07/20

At 15:30 pm on July 14 , 2017 second quarter sales elites awards ceremonywas held in the exhibition hall of Esdlumen! All Esdlumensales elites gathered together to share the harvest and joy ofsecond quarter!

Relaxing and pleasant air rushed to us the moment as we entered the hall full of colorful balloons and flowers. Not only a variety of fruits, snacks, canned beer, flowers are prepared by Marketing department, but there are lucky draw waiting for us, guess who will be lucky dog today?

With the opening warm-up game, the atmosphere becamehigher. As music began,everyone passed balloon in turn. When thehost said “stop”, colleague who held the balloon had tomake performances according to the requirements in the balloon.

The most exciting moment came with joy. The first prize is the for newcomers. They are the company's new force, pouring new strength to the company. growth and dreams, hard work and glory all can be realized here.No pains, no gains. This award also witnessed their hard work and sweat. They will be more determined to make better achievements! In the second quarter, there are six newcomers emerged to win the awardthrough their own perseverance and efforts!

(Leaderspresent trophies and took a group photo with award winners )

And also in the second quarter, five colleagues successfully turned the inquiries provided by Market department to orders through their own efforts. They won the "Second quarter promotion-to-orderaward."

(Leadership presented award to promotion-into-order prize winner award)

BIM Plus and outdoor Dazzle product special award are the new awards insecond quarter . Who will win this award?

(Leadership presented the special awards for these four  winners and took a group photo)

(Award-winners’ representative Wu Xiaohong shared her successful experience)

(Lucky draw)

( Lucky guests and draw maker took photos)

There aremore winners in second quarterthan that in first quarter, indicating a  better performance was made. The following is the "inventory clearance special award" and new customers development award.

(Leadership presented awards for winners and took a group photo)

The next is the best sales team prize for the one whomade amazing achievements in this quarter.Surprisingly, its our Chinese group who won the prize, just as they did in last quarter. Congratulations to them for making 30.47million in the quarter!

(Company leaders presented prize for the Chinese group and took group pictures)

The followed is the quarterly third-place award, Fang Panyu ,who is from Chinese group, also the champion in last quarter! It’s a pity that he couldn’t attend the awardsceremony because he was busy at that time,as always.

(Chinese group colleagues presented the award for thewinner Fang Pan yu )

2017The second quarter sales runner-up! She is a mother who is very easygoing.She is from the ACE area - Nie Danxia.

(Company leaders and runner-up photo)

The most heavyweight awards was announced, which was 2017  second quartersales champion award! Who won this prize? She is a girl,also the"Lois Lane". Yes, she is the Wu Xiaohong from American group ACE district !

(The company leaders presented the award to champion Wu Xiaohong and took groupphotos)

(Second quarter champion Wu Xiaohong shared his experiencewith us)

Finally came the “ Second quarter biggest progress maker” awards. He is a tall, handsome man. Guess who?

(The company leaders presented the award to the winners)

Who ever know hehind the happiness and success they ownedtoday, how much sweat and effort they’ve paid? No one can easily get success.

Finally, One of our leaders as a representative gave the speech. He not only praised the staff who have made outstanding performance, but also summed up the achievements as well as deficiencies in second quarter.He remindedevery salesman that there is still distance between the goal set before and achievements we have made.What we should do is to spare no efforts to rushed to the goal!

(Company leaders made summary)

The second quarter is behind usand newchallenges are waiting for us, no matter who won the prize in this quarter. we believe that under the encouragement and leadership of company’s leaders, the company will grow upwith dream and keep moving on! Work hard, everyone, you will be the next sales elite and better performance will be created in the third quarter!