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Esdlumen won the title of "Longhua district labor award"

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/05/12

On April 28th, the first Congress of Longhua trade union was held in Longhua hall. The vice Chairman of municipal trde union Zhang Sufen, district leaders Yu Xinguo, Xie Xiaodong, Zhong Yinteng, Liu Lei, Miao Ningli, Mali, Han Dang, Li Youhua, comrades of the district departments who are in charge of trade unions, all district cadres from all levels, labor representatives, advanced individuals, advanced groups’representatives, nearly 300 people gathered to celebrate the establishment of the trade unions in Longhua District.

There are only 10 groups won the“ Longhua labor award”in Longhua New District of Shenzhen, among which are models of "double-love" harmonious enterprises, the internationally renowned enterprises, as well as civilization demonstration window with a close and sincere service for the masses…These advanced groups which are from all walks of life fully showed spirit of age in their respective fields.

Esdlumen stands out from all these excellent enterprises, gained the 2017 "Longhua district labor award"!

(Esdlumen won the “Longhua district labor Award”)

The chairman of Esdlumen trade union Liu Xinxin, vice president Zhang Hui and staff representatives of union participated in the first congress of trade union in LongHua district,ShenZhen.

Esdlumen won the "Longhua district labor award”, and received grand recognition at the meeting, which fully affirmed the positive spirit of Esdlumen staff and labors’ charm in Jiangong, Longhua.

(Esdlumen trade union representatives received the Award and took  photos)

This award witnessed years of concerted efforts of all Esdlumen men. Actually, there is no dividing line between so called “difficulty” and “easiness”. If you are determined to do a thing, even though it may be hard, you still can overcome it. Esdlumen has been adhering to the business philosophy that "actions speak louder than words" philosophy. Based on sincere attitude and technological innovation, Esdlumen treats every order as a big project with careful production and supervision.

“to become the most respected professional service providers of LED display scheme”, which is not only corporate vision of Esdlumen, but also the goal all Esdlumen staff are striving for. Esdlumen is willing to join hands with friends from all circles to show the beauty of the world!