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2019 Esdlumen Sales Elite Club Trip To Japan

2019 Esdlumen Sales Elite Club Trip To Japan

  • January 7,2019.

2019 Esdlumen Sales Elite Club Trip to Japan

The true meaning of travel

Lies in the way you touch the world by your own

During the journey

All of your senses fully “strengthened”

All pressures have got relieved

Happiness and satisfaction turn so pure and clear

It is the travel that distinguishes survival from living

Also the best gift for our busy life

Even some tiny beauties

Or momentary warmness and affection in the journey

Are able to fight against

The torments of reality

That appears occasionally

In the year 2018 when domestic and abroad industries show sluggishness

Due to trade dispute between America & China

Esdlumen successfully outperforms and accomplishes the all-year sales mission once again

It not only breaks its limit

But also resoundingly goes through an amazing ending of 2018

All-year sales volume has finished well and been out of expectation

Amid this good news

Special thanks to those sales elites

Whom works hard day and night in the front line

This time

Esdlumen has rewarded those elites whose all-year sales performance walks into 10-million club

With the Japan tour

The highest award for the top sales in Esdlumen!

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