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After 8 Years Shenzhen Fortune Building Was Renovated with Esdlumen 800sqm LED Video Wall Again

After 8 Years Shenzhen Fortune Building Was Renovated with Esdlumen 800sqm LED Video Wall Again

  • 2022-04-11

Recently, Shenzhen Fortune Building completes its renovation with nearly 800㎡ high-brightness outdoor LED video wall. As located in the core area of Shenzhen's Futian CBD District, the digital video wall of the Building was born in 2014 with great commercial value intrinsically. With superior quality and service, 8 years later  Esdlumen was once again chosen as the supplier for the upgrade project of this skyscraper.

Adjacent to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Fortune Building stands in the intersection of Jintian Road and Fuhua Third Road, heart of Futian CBD, in close proximity to the world-class top five-star hotels, luxury brand flagship stores, and the most premium office buildings. Early back in 2014, the nearly 800-square-metre LED display was acclaimed by the media for its superior geographical location and such large size with eye-popping display effect as soon as it was lit up.

With the fast growing of Shenzhen City, the OOH devices around the CBD have been upgraded one after another as the economic value of the location has increased. Hence, the renovation of the digital wall has been demanded in order to match the modernized surrounding environment and its worth.

To guarantee a wider broadcasting coverage, the new OOH LED wall has maintained the original three-sided structure. IP65 ultra-high weatherproof panels enable long-time running with super high stability. LianTronics patented anti-reflection masks effectively diffuse sunlight reflection and furthermore improve contrast ratio for sharper image presentation. Ultra-high brightness is friendly for advertising and public communication in day and night.

Since establishment,  Esdlumen has always adhered to the original production of core components, such as high-precision cabinets, masks, back shells and cables, to improve the quality control from the very beginning of the manufacturing processes.  Esdlumen has also been tireless in terms of service, establishing world-service network and building up professional sales & engineer team to elevate the customer experience. Thanks to the best-in-class product quality and service,  Esdlumen has been the premier choice among plenty of strong competitors for many customers, which is proven in this project that LianTronics is chosen again to renovate the digital OOH wall for Shenzhen Fortune Building.

With a focus on product and service improvement all the time,  Esdlumen will continuously explore, discover and cater to new market demands and values to ensure our customers get nothing but the best.

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