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Eastar <<“FU” Series>> was awarded ”Shenzhen Enterprise New Record”laurel again

Source: Eastar      Published: 2015/01/02

Recently, After the strict evaluation of the commission of Shenzhen Enterprises New Record, the outdoor LED screen” FU” Series developed by Eastar won “Shenzhen Enterprises New Record” laurel again.

The office of Shenzhen Enterprises New Record confirmed Eastar outdoor LED display”FU” Series as ”Shenzhen Enterprises New Record” according to < Declaration,Validation and Dissemination Methods of Shenzhen enterprises new record>.

The office of Shenzhen Enterprises New Record wrote in :”The outdoor LED display “FU ”Series no need external heat dissipation devices,no need air conditionals ,save cost and can work with no noise,no need steel structure. Which can improve the efficiency.”FU”Series has high transparency which can be up to 40%-70%. “FU ”Series can be easy front and rear maintenance.

“FU”Series is very popular among people after greetings the market, especially those in Western Europe Countries who care about environmental protection and energy saving. The prime minister  of Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond’s recoomended “FU”Series to advertisement operators in Scottish.

As far as we know,it is not the first time for ”FU” series to receive the laurel. Not long ago,”FU” Series Won the ‘2013 annual product and technology invention awards’ by virtue of the first LED display enterprise to developed the free of fans,air conditionals and steel structure LED screen and only one to realize ”one key  to light the screen” technology. This is the highest award of LED industry.