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Esdlumen Wing3 LED Display promotes strategic cooperation between Xiamen Airlines and Yao Ming love fund

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/06/29

On June 18, Xiamen Airlines and Yao Ming love fund (referred to as "Yao Fund") officially signed amemorandum of strategic cooperationin Beijing, announcing a strategic partnership formed between two sides to jointly create public brand"Egret dream", hand in hand to promote rural education , to promote the healthy development of young people, to build a strong interactive platform between sports public welfare and enterprises’social responsibility .

Lu Hao,the management Committee of Yao Ming Fundand Chen Li, general manager assistantof Xiamen Airlines signed a memorandum of cooperation on behalf of both sides. Esdlumen Wing3 series was adopted in this event.

Esdlumen wing series become so popular among users mainly because of its advantages. With advantages of fast heat, no noise, easy of installation and maintenance , as well as adoption of LED die-cast aluminum boxes, Wing series always keep up with the market demand of LED rental performance.Thinbodycan be quickly installed, removed, and adapted to a large rental area and fixed installation

application. The synchronous control system processing is used, for playing videographics and other programs freely, broadcastvarious information in real-time, synchronized, clear ways. Wing series feature true color and good adaptability.

Wing series is widely used in stages, exhibitions, shopping centers, studios, theaters,etc.

Wing series LED display practical application case:

(2017 China Shijiazhuang International Investment Cooperation and key projects signing ceremony)

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(Wing series P3.91 LED Display be used in Tsinghua University Meng Minwei concert hall)

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