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[New products] Esdlumen EHP make ultra-small pitch LED display screens available

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/07/07

On June 29 at 16:00 pm, the new product, EHP ultra-small pitch series LED display, released in the exhibition hall. Small pitch, big future!

(EHP small pitch LED display released)

Look at the conference site, Esdlumen business elites are listening carefully.

EHP is the ultra-small pitch series of Esdlumen; Ultra-high definition display; It’s golden radio of 16:9 makes 2K/4K/8K available;Ultra-high definition small pitch with P1.0, P1.2, P1.5 ,P1.9 ,P2.6; Ultra-light,ultra-thin,thickness only 45mm,weight only 6.5KG; High gray scale, high refresh rate,high contrast to ensure image fidelity and color brightness; Low voltage DC power supply, safer and more reliable;Front maintenance,front installation,no maintenance space needed behind the screen;wall-mounted,etc.

(EHP ultra-light& ultra-thin, thickness only 45mm, weight only 6.5KG)

(With 16: 9 gold ratio, easily achieve 2K \ 4K \ 8K ultra-high-definition display)

(Ultra-small pitch, ultra-high definition display)

Compared to the applied products in the studio, EHP has the following overwhelming advantages:

High brightness (and intelligent adjustable), high contrast, high refresh, the reaction speed, the screen is thin, no patchwork, gradually replacing LCD and DLP products.

EHP is widely used, which can be applied to lots of fields,such as small pitch TV, video conferencing, traffic command center, aerospace monitoring, human-computer interaction, smart home etc.

Warmly welcome to experience the new products!