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Why Does World Top 500 Real Estate Giant Choose ESDLUMEN LED display?

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/06/23

Recently, one large LED display has been lightened up on the headquarter building of Greenland Group in Shanghai, the vivid effect of which has become a splendid landscape in local area. It’s the first customized LED display that Eastar has made with Future Series for Greenland Group.

Shanghai Greenland Group is currently the first and only one of the world top 500 enterprises among the large enterprise groups in China, whose major business is based on real estate, mainly including CBD high-rise commercial buildings. Until now Greenland Group has exploited half of the world’s top 10 buildings for who is far ahead in such areas like super high-rise, large urban complex, high-speed business district and industrial park etc. In 2013, Greenland Group earned the income over 328 billion, and expect to make a breakthrough to 500 billion in 2015.

To enhance the brand image, Greenland Group has an important strategic that install LED display on the building all over the world .In order to achieve this strategic goal, Greenland Group was selected with the world's only company Eastar that capable of producing free of air conditioning, free of steel structure, ultra-light outdoor display’s research and development to make strategic cooperation.

Eastar “Future Series” free air condition, free steel structure, super light outdoor billboard, it is the landmark of revolutionary products in the LED display field. With natural ventilation cooling system, say goodbye to air condition and fan, save huge electric energy for client. The weight is at 22KG/m2, around 63% lighter than the traditional LED display, much transportation cost saved. Also it doesn’t need the complicated steel structure, drastically reduce bearing requirements of buildings, realize different environment with flexible installation, save much cost and time for the installation. This product appears to be a hit in Western European countries which attaches great importance to the environmental protection and energy saving. Scotland's prime minister has personally recommended this product to the advertisers, seeking free publicity for Eastar.

With superior performance of across age, since the Eastar Future series launched that popular at home and abroad, That is why well-known real estate giant green group choose Eastar to make strategic cooperation.. Now, Eastar Future series of outdoor advertising screen has begun to lit Shanghai Greenland Group headquarters!