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Eastar becomes the sponsor of AV Awards

Eastar becomes the sponsor of AV Awards

  • April 19,2019.

After 21 years grow, AV Awards has become one of the most prestigious Awards of the AV industry in Europe. As the world-leading LED display company, Eastar becomes the sponsor of AV Awards 2019, and chooses two newest products, VE series and BIM Plus, to attend the awards competition of Display Technology of the Year.

About AV Awards 2019

The AV Awards is the benchmark for the highest possible professional standards and best practice, recognizing the outstanding achievements of individuals, companies, projects and technology across the AV. A rigorous judging process and the only event to be judged independently by end-users of AV technology, ensures that the AV Awards continues to be the most respected award scheme in the industry.

For 21 years, the AV Awards has grown in status and size, attracting almost 1,400 industry professionals from all over the world. It is the biggest and most prestigious night in the AV calendar, where every part of the AV world joins together to network, share successes and, of course, to party.

What product does Eastar apply for awards?

Besides becoming the sponsor, our two products of VE series and BIM Plus are also chosen to compete for the awards of “Display Technology of the Year”. As the representative products of Eastar, these two products have many innovative features. Our VE series adopt the 4-in-1 Mini LED and support tiny gap adjustment & seamless splicing which can provide a better visual enjoyment. For stretch display, our BIM plus must be your best choice. The splicing methods are various, such as right-angle, radian, special shape splicing and so on. I believe that these two products will cut a great figure in the AV Awards 2019.

As the world-leading LED company, Eastar has got many honors, and our products can pass almost all domestic and international certifications. Over more than 15 years of development, in the spirit of innovation, we do many achievements in the LED industry. So I think Eastar can also get the awards of “Display Technology of the Year”. Let’s expect together.

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