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InfoComm Beijing is arriving soon; it's the first show of Esdlumen's 110 inches LED TV

InfoComm Beijing is arriving soon; it's the first show of Esdlumen's 110 inches LED TV

  • July 8,2019.

The InfoComm China 2019 will be held at China National Convention Center, Beijing during July 17-19. As one of the professional and integrated trade shows, InfoComm is known in the aspects of professional audio-visual, electronic system integration, intelligent constructions, etc. Esdlumen will bring two different sizes of LED TV and another hot sale product Ticker to this exhibition this year. It is also the first time that our 110 inches LED TV shows at this exhibition. In addition, the 4K super large screen of Esdlumen will also be shown during this time.

Our Booth No.: ED4-01

110-inch LED TV

Early in this year, Esdlumen has revealed an 82 inch LED TV with 0.9mm pixel pitch, which obtained many praises after it launched. In June this year, Esdlumen will bring a 110 inch LED TV with 1.2mm pixel pitch to the InfoComm Beijing.

82 inch LED TV with 0.9mm pixel pitch

This 110-inch commercial screen is a high-end display product which mainly designed for various conference rooms, large reporting halls, Decision rooms, control rooms, exhibition centers and so on. Compared with the traditional screen, this screen has more advantages and perfect display effect. Esdlumen’s leading technology makes the image quality smoother. To know more details about this product, looking forward to meeting you at our booth.

4K super large screen

With the coming of the 5G era, the combination of 5G+4K has become the most anticipated application. The large data of 4K display need a better transmission bandwidth. Meanwhile, the 5G network has the characteristics of high bandwidth, low time out, etc. All of these make us more expect the coming of 5G+4K and 5G+8K. What’s more, with a high resolution, Esdlumen’s 4K large screen can provide rich picture hierarchy and delicate picture details, which can offer customers an immersive experience.

Shelf screen - Ticker

In the field of the supermarket, using the stretch display to show the product information on the shelf becomes a trend of this field. With 1.9mm pixel pitch, Esdlumen’s Ticker series do better performance in display and marketing. Two sizes are provided to adapt to various shelves. Some features of Ticker series are as follows:

Ticker series

` Asynchronous/synchronous control system;

` Support various import methods, directly changing pictures via Mobile phone, PC, etc.

` Stable and reliable, waterproof and dust-proof, saving the cost of maintenance;

To know more about this product, welcome to our booth.

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