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LianTronics & Esdlumen 2021 Major Case Collection

LianTronics & Esdlumen 2021 Major Case Collection

  • January 25,2022.

In 2021, LianTronics & Esdlumen helped deliver cutting-edge technologies, innovative content, and transformative experiences that will enable people to communicate, collaborate and connect in more profound ways than ever before. We are excited to look back at the critical events for 2021 and are looking forward to seeing more changes we could bring to the world in the new year.

Glasses-free 3D DOOH Creativity

2000sqm Glasses-free 3D Video Walls for Chongqing MICC Building

A group of 2000sqm gigantic glasses-free 3D LED video walls has become an attention-grabbing artwork as soon as it lighted up in the façade of Chongqing MICC Building. It contains a 1200sqm L-shaped LED wall from which a 3D “Cyborg” robot flies out to contribute to a magnificent light show and another 800sqm LED screen wraps on the other side of the Building. This group of 3D video walls was specially built to catch up the celebration of Chinese New Year and made its debut on China Central Television (CCTV).

“3D” Exhibition Windows for Yuncheng Technological Innovation City

A 900sqm 8K LED wall with stunning glasses-free 3D display effect lights up in Yuncheng Technological Innovation City, Shanxi Province. This is an exhibition window of a new governmental innovation industry construction project for Yellow River Delta Economic Zone. From the construction to offical debut of the video wall, it has been under spotlight of the government and has attracted multiple times of news report from the local TV station.

Five-Screen Glasses-Free 3D Creativity in Nanning Daily

This group of 5 creative outdoor LED screens, of which the two L-shaped ones on two sides are in naked-eye 3D effect, is the first set of glasses free 3D large screens in Guangxi Province. With a total area of nearly 500 sqm, this set of LED walls fully cover the audience from various angles to deliver the digital information, playing a communication role between Nanning Daily -- the local authoritative media and the audience.

Commercial Complex

1200sqm “3D” Future World for Joy City, Xi'an

1200sqm “3D” Future World for Joy City, Xi'an A 1200sqm giant sky screen, settled on Joy City, a large shopping mall in Xi'an, China, is so far the largest PH5mm sky screen nationwide. The future-world-themed glasses-free 3D LED ceiling has almost covered the whole ceiling of the shopping mall, creating a stunning 24K 3D technology-infused immersive space. This seamless jumbo-sized LED screen with ultra-high contrast ratio renders a changing magic in space and time staggered fluctuation. The attention-grabbing outlook and perfect combination of surround sound conspire to provide an unprecedented shopping experience with visual fantasies for the customers.


Stages Hotel Prague

Stages Hotel Prague refreshed with a 68-meter-long digital wall assembled by high-brightness LED displays. This LED wall with an ultra-high resolution of 14040*416 creates a luxurious and ultra-modern vibe infused with technological sense for the Hotel. It features high grayscale and IP65 protection, which not only provide an excellent visual effect for advertising and informing, but also ensure stability and durability in any harsh outdoor weather.

Shangri La Qiantan, Shanghai

Three fine-pitch LED walls with a total area of 300sqm, which are separately installed in the reception, corridor and banquet hall at Shanghai Newbund Shangri La hotel, have created a luxurious atmosphere with excellent heat dissipation, operation durability and visual effect. Especially in banquethall, not only its extensive view covers more guests but also its high refresh rate is ultra-friendly for camera shooting while holding large events.

Transportation Hubs

Extreme-Long Subway LED Wall in Shanghai Metro Line 14

A 300sqm fine-pitch LED video wall made a stunning debut at the newly opened Shanghai Metro Line 14 at the end of 2021. Featuring an extremely high resolution of 44928×1056 pixels, the 112-metre long video wall comprises 23 units that can display content independently and so far is the world’s longest subway LED wall.

Rome Fiumicino Airport

Terminal 1’s check-in hall of Rome Fiumicino International Airport, the largest airport of Italy, was renovated with 600sqm LED video wall, which is the largest LED wall in Europe in the airport area. With extreme high brightness of 5500nits and ultra-high refresh rate of 3840Hz, this 600sqm L-shaped LED video wall not only improves the travel experience of visitors, but also elevates the technological and artistical aesthetics of the environment to showcase the Italian way of life through digital visual delivery.

LED Virtual Production Studio

AIE’s Virtual Production & Filmmaking Studio

In order to facilitate the world’s first course to specialize in film and virtual production, AIE (The Academy of Interactive Entertainment) has hold up multiple open day activities in different campuses in Australia with LED soundstages assembled by LianTronics video walls. As the central part of the virtual production studio, the LED backdrop features 7680Hz high refresh rate, 20Bit grayscale, 1500nits high brightness, broad color spectrum, and accurate color restoration to deliver a stunning in-camera performance. The virtual sets offers a full-fledged atmosphere in immersion that perfectly meet AIE’s need for showcasing and teaching of virtual production & film-making.

Broadcasting Studios

NBC Washington Studios

Five sets of fine-pitch LED video walls were installed in the newly renovated NBC newscast and sports studio. Adjustable broadcast-specific color temperatures, higher refresh rate and non-reflective surface bring crystal-clear full motion image quality for in-camera shooting. Signal and power redundancy minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted operation of the LED video walls for on-air broadcasting.

Meeting & Conference

University of Chinese Academy of Science, Nanjing

A 150+sqm fine-pitch LED wall with high resolution of 12528*3567 was installed into the auditorium of University of Chinese Academy of Science, Nanjing to catch up the opening ceremony of new semester. This LED video wall features high refresh rate and wide colour gamut to present perfect visual effect in camera. Its board views is ultra friendly to delivery sharp and bright presentation to viewers from different angles.

Honor Science Park, Xi’an

With the new office park of Honor, the world-famous mobile brand, coming into use, the newly built 70+sqm LED wall goes into operation as well. This P0.9 video wall of 14080*5760 high resolution is specially crafted with IMD packaging technology to enhance the anti-collision capacity significantly and features ultra-high refresh rate, grayscale and common cathode technology to bring ultimate viewing comfort yet stay high energy efficiency.

Control Center

NOC of China Telecom Shanghai

The Network Operation Center (NOC) of China Telecom Shanghai has been upgraded with a P1.5mm ultra-fine-pitch LED video wall. This 8K digital platform, having a high resolution of 11520*4320, serves as a high-definition visualization platform for NOC daily information monitoring. Multiple internal structural designs like cabinet-and-module-level wireless connector assist in doubling transmission stability and stabilizing the finished LED video wall overall working performance to effectively improve the intelligent management level.

Bohai Institute of Advanced Technology

5 sets of fine-pitch LED walls were installed for Bohai Institute of Advanced Technology, which is a governmental sample project that promotes the technological innovation and development of Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China. As Smart Binzhou being the core project of Bohai Institute of Advanced Technology, the high-resolution visualization platform plays an important role to integrate various channels of information in real time and to facilitate smart monitoring & rapid decision making. In addition, LianTronics video walls are also applied in the conference hall, lobby and exhibition hall to upgrade the digital display facilities of Bohai Institute of Advanced Technology.

Futian Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen City

The 100+sqm P0.9 fine-pitch LED visualization platform settles into Futian Public Security Bureau with extreme high resolution of 23040*4320. It features high refresh rate, high grayscale, high brightness, super silent operation, lower surface temperature and excellent stable operation, all of which conspire to deliver crisp images of multi-scenario presentation and uninterrupted broadcasting. It will help decision makers to fully comprehending the status of the public security system operation and make decisions quickly, so as to accelerate the process of national public security intelligentization.

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