METAGO (LT135/162)-The Integrated LED Display Terminal

METAGO (LT135/162)-The Integrated LED Display Terminal

1. Streamlined Lightweight Design, Ultra-Slim Artwork;

2. Quick Installation, Easy-to-Maintain METAGO;

3. Giant FHD Screen, Maximized Sight;

4. High-Clarity Video Conference Without Buffer;

5. Multi-Signal Connection, Instant Wireless Mirroring.

6. Intelligent Modes,Intelligent Display.

7. Patented Safeguard, Outstanding Quality.

8. More Options, More Applicable Scenarios.

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Streamlined Lightweight Design, Ultra-Slim Artwork

Thin panel reduces weight by 30% than other LED meeting panels; 95% screen-to-body ratio with 160° wide views delivers exceptional visual comfort.

Quick Installation, Easy-to-Maintain METAGO

Segmented modularization design allows seamless fast assembly of LED panel; Pixel-level maintenance on the location saves the cost of return-to-factory repair.

Giant FHD Screen, Maximized Sight

Unparalleled larger size creates cinematic immersive viewing comfort; FHD broadcasting presents realistic pictures pixel by pixel.

High-Clarity Video Conference Without Buffer

3840Hz high refresh rate ensures smooth presentation during meetings; Ultra-high flatness facilitate visual experience; Optional camera, omni-directional microphone and speaker allow video conference application.

Multi-Signal Connection, Instant Wireless Mirroring

Support 8-channel mirroring access and 4-signal split display simultaneously; Support Android, iOS, Windows & Mac OS system mirroring with ˂160ms ultra-low latency; Support two-way WiFi connection without signal interference between mirroring and networking.

Intelligent Modes,Intelligent Display

One press and go. Standard, soft, movie and conference modes are provided to take on your content meticulously.

Patented Safeguard, Outstanding Quality

Smart Inkject Craftsmanship is optional to improve contrast ratio greatly; Nano-Coating Protection Technology stabilizes display effect optionally.

More Options, More Applicable Scenarios

Optional sizes & colors meet customized needs; Support double METAGO joint splicing and different installation like wall mounting and moble standing; Applicable on various occasions like medium and large meeting rooms, lecture theaters, exhibition halls and private cinemas.

Model LT135 LT162
Display Aspect Ratio (inch) 135" 162"
Size WxH (mm) 3015*1821 3615*2151
Resolution 1920×1080 1920×1080

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    Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.