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10 Years of Excellence, Unwavering Quality: Esdlumen LED Screens Still Perform Well in an Australian Casino During a Decade

10 Years of Excellence, Unwavering Quality: Esdlumen LED Screens Still Perform Well in an Australian Casino During a Decade

  • April 9,2024.

In Australia, 30 exceptional LED screens with a total area of 350 square meters have been shining at a luxurious casino for nearly ten years. 30 different-shaped LED screens have various functions, such as presenting advertising, activities, games, and gambling information. For a decade, Esdlumen's LED screens always present exceptional and stable visual effects.

Beside the stairway entrance, there is a flat LED screen presenting exquisite advertisements. Along the entrance, a stunning column LED screen is hanging above the road. In the main hall, many different-shaped LED screens are installed in every activity area, such as the gaming area and the rest area.

According to different applications, Esdlumen's LED displays maximize their effects. In the heart of the action, within the gaming area, Esdlumen's LED displays are optimized to provide real-time updates on game status and betting options. Additionally, column LED displays offer seamless splicing for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Meanwhile, in the hospitality areas, patrons can unwind with entertaining videos and content.


The hallmark of this project lies in its unwavering quality even after a decade of continuous operation. For 10 years, Esdlumen's LED screens perform excellent display as if they are new. Esdlumen's quality is always reliable and trustworthy. That’s why Esdlumen is chosen by clients and has over 40000 classical cases all around the globe. Except for the Australian casino, Esdlumen also gradually upgraded multiple projects, including Nigeria airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Chongqing Wanda Plaza, Nina Mall in Hong Kong, etc.

Classic Cases, Continuous Collaborations

10 Years of Nigeria Airport:

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport: 2017 vs 2023



Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport: 2019 vs 2023



Chongqing Wanda Plaza: 2019 vs 2022



Hong Kong Nina Mall 1 vs Nina Mall 2

Nina Mall 1

Nina Mall 2

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