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Esdlumen LED Display Shinning All Over Tata Motors Show

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/03/07

India International Auto Show is one of the largest automotive professional exhibitions in the world, which is held by India Auto Component Manufacturers Association, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Society of Indian Auto Manufacturers. As one major procurement platform among India auto industry, it was first held in 1986, then 1993 and 1996. Ever Since, India International Auto Show is regularly organized every two years, which has developed into the biggest auto show in India.

Tata Motors is the subsidiary of India Tata Group, established in 1945, and ranges top 10 commercial auto manufacturers around the world, whose annual turnover is as much as $2 billion, which occupies 59% share of India market. No wonder, as India’s famous auto brand, Tata Motors will shine all over India International Auto Show. Nowadays, many world well-known auto corporations take advantage of LED display combined with the auto show to make its brand more incisively and vividly, so do Tata Motors. Fortunately, Eastar LED display is shinning all over Tata Motors Show.

During the auto show, Tata Motors adopt 400sqm CM P12.5mm LED mesh scattered all over like stars in the sky and 80sqm MiniP3.75mm LED display die-casting aluminum adorned among the automobiles, which brings a fantastic visual feast to all the audience.