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China Outdoor Advertising Forum

Source: Eastar      Published: 2014/08/25

The third China Outdoor Advertising Forum was grandly held in Dalian on August 14-15th based on the theme of scientific planning of outdoor advertising and improvement of city image in union. Lei Yu, director of marketing, was invited to attend this meeting and deliver a keynote speech on behalf of Eastar. It is said that China Outdoor Advertising Forum is the highest level meeting in Chinese advertising industry organized by China Advertising Association, China Advertising Association Outdoor Advertising Branch and Window of The Northeast. This forum lasted for 2 days and nearly 500 leaders from province, city, industrial and commercial bureau, advertising association as well as the scholars of the advertising industry gathered together to discuss the current situation and future development of China outdoor advertising.

As outdoor display business representatives, director of marketing Lei Yu from Eastar was invited to the meeting and delivered a speech on the current situation and future development trend of outdoor advertising display, who analyzed the present dilemma of outdoor advertising, the development trend and energy saving significance of outdoor advertising display etc. Besides, he also introduced the outdoor advertising turn-key solution to the participants.

Mr. Lei pointed out in his speech that outdoor advertising led display should reduce costs, energy consumption and material resources as much as possible based on the safety, energy conservation, environment protection and display effect, which will be good for the advertisers, society, country as well as the whole world.

It’s proved that Eastar Future Series is the first outdoor advertising led display product free of air-conditioning, fan and steel structure in the world. Future Series reduces 63% in weight compared to the conventional LED display, reducing large amount of freight. It adopts natural ventilation and heat dissipation without air conditioning and fan, saving plenty of electricity. Meanwhile, it’s no necessary for complicated steel structure, greatly decreasing the load bearing of the building and saving production time and cost.

Compared to the conventional outdoor advertising display, no matter for display effect or operation cost, Future Series has its unique advantages and becomes a revolutionary product in replace of the traditional one, especially for the aspects of energy conservation and environment protection. Furthermore, prime minister of Scotland personally recommends this product to the local advertisers.

On this forum, the presentation of Eastar Future Series draws great attention and support to the experts, big media and government agents, who denote that the conventional advertising led display should be replaced by Future Series. Now China Outdoor Advertising Forum has been successfully concluded but Future Series has still caused a heated debate among the advertising industry and the media.