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Esdlumen and Tsinghua university join hands to build a professional stage

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/06/08

Meng Minwei Concert Hall, donated by Mr. Meng Minwei who is both the chairman of Hong Kong Resort International Limited and Tsinghua alumni. Li Daozeng,one of academicians in Tsinghua Architectural Design Institute is the chief designer of the concert. As the landmark building of Tsinghua University centennial anniversary, it was comleted with the new Tsinghua college at the same period. There are 510 seats at total in auditorium with a pool and a floor. Stage is 12 meters wide and 7 meters high.

The equipments of light and audio as well as stage machinery are as the requirements of professional performance, mainly for concerts, drama, opera, dance and other medium-sized performances and various large and medium-sized meetings.

In the Meng Minwei concert hall, Eastar Wing series products were adopted for the stage main display and vice screens.

(Meng Minwei concert hall installation site)

As the most popular rental products,Wing series LED Dispaly has been focused on high-definition display in the rental market.With fast heat, no noise, easy installation and maintenance advantages,wings followed the demand of LED rental performance market,using LED die-casting aluminum body. "Light" is first feeling to installers; however, wing not only just a simple upgrade of the traditional die-cast aluminum boxes,but a comprehensive optimization updating of the structure and performance.

Light in weight, the cabinets can be quickly installed and removed, which are adapted to large-area rentals and applied to fixed installations. Synchronous control system processing is adopted for a free play of video and graphics as well as other programs in real-time, synchronized, clear means of conveying information to broadcast various information. Wing sells well with natural-looking color and good adaptability.

Compared to the general rental applications, professional performance stage demands more requirements. Wing totally changed monotonous structure display characteristics of the traditional display. It can be used for different environments, showing different shapes, achieving perfect effects with combination of stage structure, and bringing audience esthetical enjoyment of stable quality and high-definition delicate pictures.

Wing series  LED Dispaly is widely used in exhibitions, shopping centers, studios, theaters etc.Esdlumen Wing series practical applications:

(2017 China Shijiazhuang International Investment Cooperation and key projects signing ceremony)

(2017 Shanghai Auto Show)

(2017 Ninth Advertiser Summit and Golden Exchange Award Ceremony)

(2017 Beijing Book City Nie Zhenning | "reading power" new book sharing meeting)