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Esdlumen BIM Plus LED Display Shinning in the Church of Ghana Capital

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/08/18

As times goes by, churchesare no longer just a place where believers gather and pray, but gradually become the preferred place for other more activities. The coreligionists will do daily pray in the church, mass ceremonies, festivals and other church ceremonies on weekends. Especially on weekends, there will be many other group activities, such as choir practice, Mu Tao classset upfor non-priest, youth activities, etc.It also could bea new choice for holding marriage ceremony.

Especially in Accra---the capital of Ghana, a country in western Africa, there are few people on sunday's street , forthe poor and the rich are both at the church. Church is not only the place people do prayers, but also an important part of the black’s entertainment life. Starting up a church in Ghana has become a thriving industry.

Recently, Esdlumen LED display was successfully introduced to a church in Ghana. BIM Plus series high-definition full-colored LED display screen perfectly passedimage to every audience, heightening the atmosphere of the scene. Ifa church is equipped with LED display, it is convenient for it to provide more information about gathering and prayerfor the believers;Besides,it can add a solemn and pious feeling in festivals and create a romantic and warm atmosphere on church wedding.

Installing LED display screens in the churches can better meet different demands.

BIM Plus seriesproducts is Esdlumen’s main push products, which are very thin and light. Front installation and maintenance or even completely wall-mounted,no space needed for installation and maintenance, saving space over 90% than that of conventional screen; Besides,dislocated splicing,right angle and hoisting both can be realized, different creative models can be achieved; modulesautomatic correction function. These superior traits undoubtedlyare the preferred choice for indoor LED display.

(Screen on the construction)

(Easily-lightened screen , clear and smooth picture)

(The screen has been basically installed.Modern scientific and technological elements are melt intosolemn church, which is more convenient for the spread of information.)

As one of the world's leading providers of LED applications and solutions, Esdlumen has had a lot of experience in major event and engineering display solutions. BIM Plus seriesis more like a dark horse, owninga broad application areas in the market. In the future,Esdlumenwill apply its fundamental understanding of advanced technologyto the development of new products so as to provide users with more complete products and solutions and create success with power and strength!