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Esdlumen LED go with “the Belt and Road Initiative ”to make "The best silk in Hang zhou" Kuala Lumpur Station a complete success

Source: 本站      Published: 2017/10/10

The reminder of Jiangnan is as we know, the city of Hangzhou."Come all the way to Hangzhou, half for the WestLake andhalf forsilk." Silk has witnessed friendly exchanges between China and other countries since ancient times. In the 21st century, in order to keep an active economic cooperation with the countries along the Silk Road, China proposed the "Belt and Road Initiative", which is borrowed from the historical symbols of ancient Silk Road, to jointly build a community of common destiny based on win-win cooperation and inclusive innovation as the core as well as common development as the goal.

The magnificent Sunway Pyramid mall

Recently,"the best silk in Hang zhou"theme activities hosted by Hangzhou Tourism Commission washeld in Malaysia's capital - Kuala Lumpur in order to promoteunique charm of Hangzhou tourism and long history of Hangzhou silk culture to international friends. Esdlumen’s small-pitch mini series led display p3.75 was adopted in the Sunway Pyramid shopping malls in Malaysia , adding glamour the event.

The overlook of the entire venue, brilliant Esdlumen’s led screens

Commerce representatives and friends from all walks of life came here, making the event atmosphere particularly lively

The beautyare gracefuldressed in real silk cheongsam, truly a joy to behold

Ingenious shape and excellent performance, Small-pitch mini series  led display is superior in following aspects: First,fastinstallation, only 10 seconds needed to install ; convenient disassembly, no tools needed to disassemble the modules; only 30 seconds needed to maintain, Led display module structure is easy to maintained from the front ,  magnetic fixed installation; Second, unique protection structure so as toprevent modules from damage; Third, module correction: brightness uniformity, clear and natural picture; Fourth, high refresh rate: stablepicture quality without ripple nor black screen, delicate and smoothvideo screen, bringing audience extreme visual enjoyment, especially suitable for rental occasions which required high performance; fifth: low brightness&high gray, high gray level can still be achieved even if it is under 200cd, perfectdisplay grayperformance under low brightness; Better layering feeling of the screen and vividness than the traditional display; Sixth, ultra-stable: the use of high-quality components and fine processing technology to effectively reduce Blind Pixels Ratio; stable performance is ensured even in harsh environment to not only create visual enjoyment but ensure product stability and security.

Small-pitch LED full-colored screen has wide application, which can be applied to the transportation industry monitoring center, power industry control center, water conservancy industry control center, security industry monitoring center, military conference system,city management, radio and television industry studio, shopping Installation and other places.

Esdlumen hold the initial goals, as always, insisting putting customer satisfaction at the first standard and customer's needs in the first place, adhering to the process of innovation tomake its products shine all over the world.