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Ten Million Sales Volume Club of Esdlumen ---A Travel to Yunnan Province

Source: 本站      Published: 2018/01/12

It has ever been said “if the holy Tibet is a place that can lead soul return to peace, the colorful Yunnan must be a place that could reignite the longing for life”, Yunnan is such a fabulous place, at South of color cloud, a place where our soul pursue. It’s the paradise that we always search.

As the most romantic encouragement for the 18 top sales whose sales performance over 10 millions, accompanied by Mr. Su and other directors, we started our luxury Five days & Four Night travel to Yunnan on December 29th 2017.

The first station: Old Town of Lijiang

Traveled so long distance from Shenzhen ,we began our first station from Lijiang , walked in the old town with ancient bridge, running stream and old buildings around us , we let all of our annoyance go ,and keep our body free to enjoy such a mysterious, romantic and poetic place. With the travel full of cheers and laughter, we do not only watch the scenes, but also enjoy being together with the same willing person, share dinner together.

The second Station: Shangri-La

Shangri-La is a dream which people pursuit, a paradise full of myth. Endless sky is so blue like washed by water, thousand miles of white cloud is so shine, plenty of mountains across the sky, colorful forests painted the whole area. Go through Tea-Horse Road and see the landscape of Lashi Lake, viewing the fantastic beauty of three rivers on the Yangtze River first bay scene balcony. When we across Tiger Leaping Gorge, the white water of Yangtze River are under our feet, when we look up our head, the Haba Snow Mountain is in front of our eyes. We danced The Tibet Dance with Tibetans, feeling the deep original Tibetan style. Haha, except feelings, we have enjoyed delicious cousins—Tusi feast!

The third Station: Potatso Park

The beauty of Potatso Park exists in its vigorous, free, calm, fresh and transparent. The blue sky is so pure, standing in here, troubles in the world are disappearing, unhappy things in life will also go with wind. Shudu lake feels like a Goddess, which capture hearts and minds of millions tourists. Snow Mountain, wetlands, forests, lakes consist of a natural painting picture, also are one of the best outdoor filming of CCTV.

The forth station: Jade Dragon Snow mountain

The snow mountain is from north to south, stand far apart facing Haba Snow Mountain across the surging Jinsha River. According to legend, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the holy mountain of Naxi people, incarnation of their national hero and guardian god of “san duo” which goes down from generation to generation. The snow cover on Jade Dragon Snow mountain do not melt the whole year round even the snow mountain is most closed to equator at northern hemisphere. The hillside is covered by cloud, present a grand scene. Because of its dangerous and unpredictable steep, no one can conquer it until now. Feeling the temperature of spring but watching the snow of winter, that’s wonderful life!

In the afternoon, we reached the foot of the mountain, enjoying a real sense of feast of soul cleaning—Impression Lijian. We truthfully felt that our soul had been purified, soul crossed. Visual feast and the feeling of nature and man in one which we have never experienced fill up our breast, it’s really nice! Then we went to blue moon valley which is called” another Jiuzhaigou” to feel the magic of nature.

The Fifth Station: The Ancient Town of Shuhe

The ancient town of Shuhe, house well-proportioned, tunnel water gurgling, quaint and quiet environment. Rare is that Shuhe Ancient Town is quieter and simplicity than Lijiang Ancient Town due to late development, not so much commercial atmosphere, and not so many tourists, only a clear spring, from high place with passion, flow all the way around the village. High and blue sky, warm and clear sun, fresh and bright air, this is the simple country in the memory.

The Next Station: The Foreign Travel with Family in 2018

The achievement of ten million sales amount not only need the efforts of the sales staff, also need the support and concern of their family. Eastar appreciate every employee and family’s hard working, knowing what you want, and realizing what you dream, Eastar Ten Million Club members can bring their family to travel abroad free in 2018!

In 2018, expecting more colleagues to bring their family to join Eastar Ten Million Club, enjoying more beautiful scenery! Come on, Eastar, we work together, to be miracles!