Esdlumen: to Lead the New Trend in Design of The Anti-Collision Corner Protectors for Rental LED Products

  • March 18,2019.

Esdlumen: to Lead the New Trend in Design of The Anti-Collision Corner Protectors for Rental Products

As we all know, innovation is the core of the development of enterprises, Research and Design is the most important part of innovation. Over the past 12 years, Esdlumen infuses vitality to the development of company by the breakthrough in Research and Design again and again, so that Esdlumen becomes Top 10 export enterprise in LED Display Industry, and Esdlumen(the brand) is well known all over the world. So far, Esdlumen has owned more than 100 patents.


In particular, Esdlumen’s design of anti-collision corner protectors is one of much independent R&D masterpiece. In order to meet the requirements of the rental market, and avoid the collision of cabinets when transport and installation, to cause the dead lamp, we design the corner protector for 4 corners in one cabinet, the protector is made of aluminum and can be turned with its special structure, so that, the corner protector can prevent the damage of 4 corners from collision. When splice or install the cabinets, you can fold the corner protector, it won’t affect the installation for cabinets, it’s very convenient for the rental market.

In 2017, to solve the dead lamp caused by collision problem, our chief Engineer Mr. Yan consulted dozens of customers and senior sales executive, then the idea of corner protector came out. It took 6 months in designing and proofing, changed the material for 3 times, finally, the corner protector design came out until 13th version sample.

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Since the corner protector design launched in 2017, it is used in our Dazzle series, Wing series and E series and lots of other rental products. According to the data we collected from 13 big customers, the dead lamp rate decreased by 50% after adopting the corner protector design. It greatly saves the customer’s maintenance cost, increases customer’s confidence in Esdlumen’s products and ultimately, it raises our company’s sales achievement.

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The design of the anti-collision corner protector has achieved a remarkable effect as soon as it was installed, like our rental products: Dazzle series and Wing series, their annual sales have broken billion RMB. But, good feedback of the design has also triggered plagiarism by some malicious competitors in the industry. In LED China exhibition 2018 and 2019, it also appeared a number of similar design in anti-collision corner protector with us, their appearance and performance are identical to the design of Esdlumen.

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Independent innovation is the core of the development of enterprises, Esdlumen advocates our peers: respecting originality, following the rules and stopping plagiarizing. We should contribute to the development of LED display industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. If some enterprises don’t stop their infringement, Esdlumen will protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal means.

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