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Esdlumen 300sqm LED Displays Boost India Energy Week 2023

Esdlumen 300sqm LED Displays Boost India Energy Week 2023

  • March 3,2023.

India Energy Week 2023, a G20 calendar event by the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, held from February 68, 2023 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. 300sqm Esdlumen flashship Pilot Series rental LED displays, with appealing shapes and visuals as official promotion setups, shined in the pavilion.

India Energy Week 2023, aimed to promote Indias energy revolution and help the country reach its net-zero goals, has attracted more than 650 exhibiting companies from different nations. It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attended the show.

Behind the pavilions entrance, a unique giant LED screen with a total width of 30 meter (98.4ft) and height of 5 meter (16.4ft) was installed to welcome the visitors. Through the middle set an access for attendees to pass to booths quickly. This LED gate was used to show the host VI system and magnificent videos in the most populated location, which can maximumly catch peoples eyes by delivering a stunning and fantastic visual experience.

Going through the LED gate, there were over a dozen of curved P2.9 LED displays in different sizes to encircle a huge tree, where a group of fixed bicycles were set between to provide interactive fun for attendees.

It is an honor for Esdlumen LED display solution to be applied at the India Energy Week 2023. Esdlumen Pilot Series LED walls support easy installation and hassle-free fast maintenance to fit in shows, exhibitions, and stages. Meanwhile, it enables stunning display effects with an extremely high refresh rate, outstanding grayscale processing, and ultra-wide views as perfect eye catcher. Furthermore, Esdlumen Pilot Series allows versatile splicing including mixed splicing between different sizes and 90°splicing.

Except for user-friendly product design, Esdlumen is also committed to developing energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and technologies, for instance, Environmentally Friendly DOOH Technology, which can attain light pollution reduction and a longer lifespan while guaranteeing ultra-high brightness yet super energy saving by lowering 40% consumption.

As an international display solution provider, Esdlumen is currently permeating both globalization and localization. Starting from China, Esdlumen keeps developing and widening its global service networks in India, Hongkong, Japan, the Netherlands, the United States, etc. To better serve the customers worldwide, Esdlumen is enlarging its business map and offering more and more considerate products and services to the globe.

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