Rental LED Display


Pilot Series - Indoor Rental LED Display

Pilot Series - Indoor Rental LED Display

1. Lightweight design for quicker installation

2. High-precision arc locks for seamless creative splicing

3. Patented corner protectors for higher protection

4. User-friendly rapid maintenance

5. Universal modules and mixed splicing for saving costs

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Light weight design, Quick installation

Equipped with auxiliary installation structure,

magnetic attraction fast lock, single-person installation

Arc design, seamless splicing

Cabinet with high precision angle lock, can be assembled into straight screen, curved surface

Patent structure, higher protection

Corner protector design, solve the problem of lamp damage during transportation & installation

rental led display

Convenient maintenance, independent operation

Module and power box can be maintained separately without interference

Mixed Splicing with Universal Modules

500*1000mm and 500*500 cabinets apply common modules to save costs and can be mixedly spliced up and down to realize more creativity

Model Pilot2.6 Pilot3.9
Pixel Pitch 2.6 3.9
Pixel Density(dot/m2) 147456 65536
LED Type SMD1515/SMD2020 SMD2020
Module Size(mm*mm) 250*250 250*250
Cabinet Size(mm*mm*mm) 500*500*71/500*1000*71 500*500*71/500*1000*71
Cabinet Weight(±0.25kg) 7.7/12 7.7/12
Cabinet Resolution(px*px) 192*192/192*384 128*128/128*256
Module Resolution(px*px) 96*96 64*64
Vertical Viewing Angle(Deg) 160 160
Brightness(nits) 800-1000 800-1000
Gray Scale(bit) 16 16
Refresh Rate(Hz) 3840 3840
Max Power Consumption(W/sqm) 500 500
Average Power Consumption(W/sqm)
125 125
Input Voltage(V) 100-240 100-240
Ingress Protection IP30 IP30
Working Environment Indoor Indoor

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    Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.