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Esdlumen's "3 Real" solution creates a multi-function TV studio in Shanghai

Esdlumen's "3 Real" solution creates a multi-function TV studio in Shanghai

  • July 31,2020.

In late July, a project of creating a multi-function TV studio in shanghai by Esdlumen had officially been approved. This TV studio will be used in the next month. This TV studio's main body is two over 30㎡ of 4K LED screens, which is created with Esdlumen's VE P1.2; this product gained the red-dot award. In addition, this solution also includes a floor screen (3 meters in diameter), a logo screen and a mobile slide rail matrix screen.

The broadcasting industry has the mission of policy announcements, People's Livelihood information, and media communication; it is the top in the audio-visual industry. As the most highlight field of the broadcasting industry, the multi-function TV studio is more important. For the design of the multi-function TV studio, the biggest challenges are how to use the limited background screen to meet the various functions of the multi-function TV studio and how to ensure the background screen's safety and display effect.

To solve this problem, Esdlumen launched a "3 Real" solution for the broadcasting industry.

1. Real independence: solving the defects of centralized processing and adopting separate processing to make every area of screens and every transmission devices of the TV studio can work separately.

2. Real automation: adopts redundant power and signal design. When there is a mistake, it will automatically change the main or spare line without the black screen. Manual operation is unnecessary.

3. Real quality: The end display LED screen adopts the global standard quality design. The red-dot appearance design and excellent bisection structure technology bring the background screen of TV studio a better display effect.

As a professional LED display solution provider, Esdlumen did many excellent projects in the broadcasting fields that are applied worldwide, including the TVB news, Pingchang Winter Olympics, Roma's first TV station, etc. But for this time, the multi-function TV studio in Shanghai has the most complete functions and the strict requirements.

Due to the accumulation of numerous studio construction projects experience, Esdlumen's broadcasting system solutions are also improving day by day. And putting forward the unique solution of "3 Real". The success of multi-function TV studio is not only the recognition of Esdlumen's broadcasting system solutions, but also the greatest affirmation of Esdlumen's professional of small-pitch LED screen.

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