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Esdlumen’s outdoor outreach activity in Heyuan

Esdlumen’s outdoor outreach activity in Heyuan

  • August 13,2020.

From August 1 to 2, 2020, Esdlumen organized an outdoor outreach activity in Heyuan. About 1 hundred staff attended this activity to experience the Heyuan culture for 2 days and 1 night. We went there with happiness and come back with happiness. This journey might be an unforgettable experience.

The members of Esdlumen’s United Front Service Room held high the flag, and provided us the full guidance and supports. Esdlumen also gave the best focus and concern for this activity. After a good preparation and plan by Esdlumen’s United Front Service Room, this activity officially began.

In terms of efficiency, Esdlumen never behinds others. We gathered together at the agreed place and set off on time. It was about 3 hours from Esdlumen to Heyuan. During this time, the tourist guide introduced the culture of Hakka culture to us, which made us more expect the journey of the next 2 days.

Stop 1 - Hike Wanlv Lake

After tasting the delicious Hakka foods, our first stop was Wanlv Lake, which is famous in Guangdong province.

There were mountain trail, green lake water, comfortable wind and lush ancient wood, which is a 4A Scenic Area worth hike. We walked along the lake and stopped to took photos when the lake appeared to our sight. Sometimes a mountain spring was guided down by a slender bamboo pipe. We stopped and washed our hands, which was full of freshness and comfort.

There was a stone that was drawn as an elephant. From a distance, it looked like an elephant was looking at the lake.

When we walked to the end of the lake, there was a stage called “Daughter country”. Unfortunately, when we arrived at this place, there was no performance at that time. But we had walked to a high place that could see the whole landscape, which was a little to make up for the shortcomings.

Stop 2 – Hot spring town and water world

After a long time journey, we arrived at the hot spring and water world, which we expected. Let the natural water full of minerals come into close contact with the skin; It was an experience that everyone would not refuse. The hot spring pools with various effects were hidden in the bushes or corners, giving people an unusual excitement.

Stop 3 - Jungle adventure at Yequ ditch

After a night of relaxing at a 4-stars hotel, we packed our bags and set off Yequ ditch. Didn’t like the elegant Wanlv lake and exciting water world, the Yequ ditch was full of fun in the wild. We walked in the mountains and forests. The slightly slippery slate pavement added more fun to this jungle crossing. Sometimes we saw huge bamboo forests accompanied by deep valleys, and the rustling of bamboo leaves and the sound of mountain streams arouse the echoes of the empty valleys, which was unforgettable.

The happy time is always short. After 2 days’ entertainment, the activity was about to the end. In the end, we closely surrounded the banner of Esdlumen and took photos for nostalgia.

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