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Esdlumen's First Season Awards Conference of 2020 Finished Successfully

Esdlumen's First Season Awards Conference of 2020 Finished Successfully

  • April 10,2020.

On the afternoon of April 9, 2020, Esdlumen held the first season awards conference at our showroom. Due to the influence of the epidemic, most of our marketing events were canceled. As the sales elites of Esdlumen, our sales still actively adjust their moods and face the beginning of the new year with a full mental state and a stronger sense of responsibility.

In the first season of 2020, Esdlumen's sales elites still did a good performance. Furthermore, many new excellent sales emerged during this time. Under the unpredictable market situation, they work hard and make progress. They are the best role models of Esdlumen.

This time of awards conference has 7 awards, including Sales Champion / Runner-up / Third Place Award, Developing New Clients Award, Market Service Outstanding Contribution Award, Inquiry Order Award, and Newcomer Order Award, etc. These awards mainly to praise those who perform very well during the first season of 2020. In addition, this time of awards conference will announce the new sales goals and excitation policy.

Developing New Clients Award

Key Products Promotion Award

Inquiry Order Award and Projects Submission Award

Market Service Outstanding Contribution Award

Golden After-sales Service Award

Sales Champion

Sales Runner-up

Sales Third Place

After the award, our marketing director, Mr. Zhang, announced the excitation policy of the second season of 2020.

At the end of the awards conference, the CEO of Esdlumen, Mr. Wu, made concluding remarks. Mr. Wu said: "The year 2020 is an innovation year. Everyone should value this Esdlumen platform and fully use the sources and opportunities to achieve self-worth." Then Mr. Wu encourage everyone to do a good job this year!

Esdlumen always engaged in creating a tenacious team. With the join of new staff, we hope that every Esdlumen staff can regain the starting point and fight in 2020 in order to implement the group's "511" strategy and complete the goals of 2020 with the leading of leaders.

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